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Comment Re:And today (Score 1) 211

The only light on the horizon is SpaceX. NASA is part of the government and with our current Congress of Republican non scientific assholes NASA's going to such for the near future. Branson's Virgin Galactic is nothing more than a toy for a rich billionaire.

Comment Re:Not going to happen again any time soon (Score 1) 211

And what affect does that have on our manned space flight program? None. It was George W Bush that killed it. The solution he pushed isn't going to be past development for years to come. Business doesn't see the money that's up there due to their inability to see beyond the next quarterly earnings statement. Get over stupid your "OBUMMER IS RESPONSIBEL FOR ALL THE WORNG AnD BAD AND EVIL IN THE WORLD" schick. It's long past old. It's just plain stupid. Obama's not perfect but he has had more foresight than any President in modern history. It's too bad people like you oppose him on "principle", even things you once supported. The Tea Party is stupid, corrupt and mindless. Just like your corporate masters intended.

Comment Working as intended (Score -1, Troll) 634

This is what happens when you allow modern American Conservatism in on the process. Their goal is probably the same screwed up system we have here (which Obamacare tries to fix but falls short). This is nothing but a bunch of plutocrats profiting off of the suffering of human beings. This was a system that people loved, so what happened? It was intentionally broken.

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