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Comment Re:New GarageBand ToS (Score 2) 65

Can you provide any evidence for what you claim? GarageBand actually has a long history of having a very user-friendly approach to copyright. Some bad actors have made claims against certain GarageBand loops in the past, but they have all been trolls. With the exception of distributing single loops individually, content created with Garageband comes with a worldwide royalty free license and Apple doesn't claim to own or have any rights to user-produced content.

Comment With What? (Score 1) 94

AR with what? Phones? Maybe. Their desktops? Please. The GPUs in their desktops are garbage. Even the ones in the Mac Pros. I was a Mac user for ten years (sold my 2012 Mac Pro last month) and I I have always been disappointed by their choice of graphics chips.

Comment Re:How are light gun games developed now? (Score 3, Informative) 184

They just use some other means of referencing position such as IR LEDs + camera (like a wiimote or in reverse), image capture/analysis, gun position sensing, or some combination of these things. Most use IR LEDs. Some older technologies such as the NES Power Glove used ultrasonic positioning.

A lot of the 2000's era arcade gun games such as Time Crisis 4 used DLP projectors from the get-go and were using these types of gun controllers from the start; so they are relatively easy to convert to LCD.

Classic CRT based light gun games -- while I'm sure it's possible to build some sort of device that emulates the original gun in hardware, it is probably a much easier job to simply run them in an emulator.

One saving grace to this article is that while it's true that the CRT business might be winding down, the tubes themselves do usually last far longer than the electronics and will be around for a very long time still. I have had to replace some components on my Wells Gardner CRT that I used in my scratch-built cabinet because it had gotten very dim, but after a new neck board and some new capacitors it's back to looking like new.

Comment Completely false assumption (Score 1) 153

This article and summary are coming to conclusions that are completely false. This stupid little port is just a USB variant, and the only reason Apple has even acknowledged it is that only certain connectors can be used on the ends of "MFI" certified products such as cables and accessories. They in no way intend to put this connector on the iphone, but it is in wide enough use that they dont want to exclude someone already making a product that uses one from paying them that sweet MFI license fee.

The MFI program itself is and has always been the reason to hold back from a USB-C phone; it makes huge revenue for them. With lightning they have leverage to force the MFI licensing. If it becomes valuable as a brand/mark on its own and consumers look for it when choosing accessories then maybe they can safely switch to USB-C.

The problem is that the grey market is so accessible that genuine licensed products have trouble competing even if they make a superior product and follow all the rules. The whole thing is locked into a catch-22 where consumers appear to want the change but are also the obstruction to making it, at least from a business perspective.

I can tell you though that based on the quality spread I've seen with USB3, HDMI, DisplayPort junk that's out there now I would be very delighted to see some kind of consumer-oriented quality standards program emerge. I won't buy 10GbE cables that arent properly tested and certified and these new consumer standards are all equally demanding.

Comment Re:Atl-math (Score 1) 229

Just for reference the important caveat is no logic that can encode basic Peano arithmetic can be consistent and complete. There are plenty of axiomatic systems that are complete and consistent, even complicated mathematical ones (the first order theory of complete ordered fields, a.k.a. the real numbers is complete and consistent). Also a stronger logic can prove the consistency of a subset contained within it. Thus the first order theory of Peano arithmetic can be proved to be consistent via second order logic. Finally you may also want to look up Tarski's indefinitability of truth -- a theorem which gives the results you have here as a corollary, but is simpler: in sufficiently power logical systems you can't even define a truth predicate.

Comment Re: Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 2, Insightful) 495

You are simply mis-reading what is stated in that document. The US citizen parent had to be resident in the US for ten years (prior to the birth). How can I be so certain? I am in a similar category, but was born outside the US to a US mother and a father who had not been ten years resident in the US. I had, since birth, US citizenship until I renounced a few years ago.

Comment Dear Apple (Score 2) 130

Dear Apple,

How about making products your customers actually want? Like a MacBook Pro that's actually a pro-level computer. Or, a "Cheesegrater" Mac Pro with Thunderbolt and USB 3/3.1?

See, here's the deal: no one wanted the trash-can Mac Pro. We wanted the existing model with the I/O capabilities you put in your home-user machines. But, it's too late. You've lost us. We're tired of paying premium prices for last-years already outdated technology.

And you guys are really missing the bus with your lack of VR-compatible hardware. Sure, VR might be a flash in the pan, but isn't the fact that you make NOTHING with the CPU/GPU power to support it worrying?

RatBastard, a former Mac customer.

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