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Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 1140

I moved my taskbars to the side the day I got a widescreen monitor. When apps are maximized it has no effect and since vertical space is harder to come by when putting multiple windows on a screen it made sense to move it to the left. Additionally I hate icon grouping and having the taskbar on the side lets me have roughly 30 windows open before any sort of grouping.

Comment Re:More like... (Score 1) 385

I was at burger king last week and I saw a guy order an 8 piece chicken tender (these are chicken nugget things) for $2.50. The 4 piece is $1 on the value menu. I mentioned this to him and he said "Yeah, buying more is always cheaper". I just nodded and died a little inside.

Comment Is that really the best example (Score 2, Insightful) 1268

I have a hard time believing algebra students would do something similar if you replaced the parenthesis with a single character (like an x) in 4+3+2=( )+2. I am not surprised that students are confused when presented with equations using unfamiliar symbols rather than conventional single character variables. I am also not surprised that pre-algebra math students don't understand algebra. Judging from the summary it looks like this research was setup with the specific intent to prove their preformulated conclusion.

Comment Re:Snitch (Score 1) 457

I speed everywhere. I drive a performance car, I drive at a speed I feel safe. If a tractor trailer can do 65 safely I can certainly do 75 safely given I have half the stopping distance, 1000 times the handling ability, and I am awake and alert. Most speed limits make very little sense.

Comment Re:I'm not into Facebook - yet! What am I missing? (Score 1) 249

They still call me to do things, they just don't call me directly all the time for group type outings. Do you call everyone you know to invite them directly if you are going to see a movie or going to the gym to play basketball? I don't, and neither do most people. I like movies and basketball and if my friends are there I am more likely to go, especially on a weeknight.

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