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Submission + - UK Segway tycoon dies after riding off a cliff (

VirtualUK writes: The BBC News is reporting how UK Segway company owner Jimi Heselden died after "apparently riding one of his company's motorised scooters off cliffs and into a river." Dean Kamen's quote about them being "even safer than walking" seems to have a certain sense of irony attached to it now. Full story here

Comment BASIC is great for kids (Score 4, Insightful) 548

I disagree with the premise that BASIC teaches bad habits. I stick with the old adage a bad workman blames his tools. BASIC teaches kids (like I was over 30 years ago) from the ages of 5-6 how to put together simple logic, and gives them the very basics of languages constructs like variables, loops, sub routines, etc. without them having to grasp structures, classes, polymorphism, OO, etc. that a lot of grown ups that have been involved with writing code for quite some time can have issues with.


NASA Wants To Fund Space Taxis 136

NASA plans on using $50 million in stimulus funds to seed development of a commercial passenger transportation service to space. Potential space taxi inventors have 45 days to submit their proposals. The proposals will be competitively evaluated and the winners will be announced by the end of September. It is unclear what other Commodore 64 games NASA plans on making a reality, but I hope Arkanoid makes the short list.

Submission + - Should "Do not call" list include SMS mess

VirtualUK writes: "There are a number of recent startups that use SMS (mobile phone text) messaging to form something akin to the social networking interactions that we're so familiar with the likes of Friendster, MySpace et al. While online social networking sites are typically 'opt-in' and provided free (as in beer) of charge, these newer SMS based sites are sending unsolicited text messages which are often at cost to the recipient and provide no 'opt-out' facility unless you become a reluctant member of their service. In light of changing phone usage shouldn't privacy laws be updated to keep in touch?"

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