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Comment Re:This is the way the system is supposed to work (Score 1) 308

From a post further up: What's happened is that : 1. CSIRO File and get a patent for WiFi 2.CSIRO is willing to license under RAND. Everyone says fuck off. 3. It sues Buffalo Tech and wins (this essentially upholds their claims) 4.CSIRO is willing to license under RAND. Everyone says fuck off. 5. CSIRO gets sued by MS, Intel, Netgear etc to overturn the patent. 6. They fail. 7. CSIRO is willing to license under RAND. Everyone says fuck off. 8. CSIRO sues 7 colors of shit out of everyone and everyone in that case settles. 9. CSIRO sues the remainder of people not paying royalities. It is noteworthy that the CSIRO has repeatedly said it was willing to license technology, and even sold to CISCO the startup the created for developing this (for 295 mil) which is why CISCO isn't in any suits (I think..). The IEEE asked them for a exemption and the CSIRO explicitly said no. The companies in question went ahead and implemented it, then sued to overturn the patent they knew they were infringing on.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Apple iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware update now availabl (sizzlingbit.com)

farzan1992 writes: Apple has just released the latest version of iPhone OS firmware that is 3.1.3 and is now available for download from the iTunes. This latest version of firmware is for iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS. After the launch of iPad, many was expecting that Apple will release iPhone OS 3.2 firmware which is being used by iPad, but instead they released the iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware.

The iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware update is released to resolve some issues and contains only fixes for bugs that was found in iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware.

Note for the unlocked/jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone users: Do NOT update your iPod Touch or iPhone to OS 3.1.3 firmware if you've unlocked or jailbroken it on OS 3.1.2 firmware. So you've to wait until the new unlocking and jailbreaking tools are released for OS 3.1.3 firmware.


Submission + - Google and NSA teaming up (washingtonpost.com) 1

i_frame writes: The Washington Post reports that "Under an agreement that is still being finalized, the National Security Agency would help Google analyze a major corporate espionage attack that the firm said originated in China and targeted its computer networks, according to cybersecurity experts familiar with the matter. The objective is to better defend Google — and its users — from future attack."

Comment Re:No each state and territory does not a Supreme (Score 1) 252

The gollowing 5 states do not have a supreme court

Ashmore and Cartier Islands Australian Antarctic Territory Coral Sea Islands Territory Heard Island and McDonald Islands Jervis Bay Territory

Special award goes to Cocos (Keeling) Islands, with a population of 628 people they have found a need for their own supreme court. This may just create the must supreme court justices per head of population anywhere in the world.

None of those are states.

The Courts

Landmark Ruling Gives Australian ISPs Safe Harbor 252

omnibit writes "Today, the Federal Court of Australia handed down its ruling in favor of the country's third largest ISP, iiNet. The case was backed by some of the largest media companies, including 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. They accused iiNet of approving piracy by ignoring thousands of infringement notices. Justice Cowdroy said that the 'mere provision of access to internet is not the means to infringement' and 'copyright infringement occurred as result of use of BitTorrent, not the Internet... iiNet has no control over BitTorrent system and [is] not responsible for BitTorrent system.' Many Internet providers had been concerned that an adverse ruling would have forced themselves to police Internet traffic and comply with the demands of copyright owners without any legislative or judicial oversight."

Restaurant Promotes Sex In Its Bathrooms 16

Whether you want to join with your sweetheart in a perfect union of physical beauty, or just give the cute neighbor a "Brazilian Coffee Filter," Mildred's Temple Kitchen would like you to do it in their bathroom this Valentine's Day weekend. The restaurant's website asks: "Have you given any thought to moving beyond the bedroom? Check out Mildred's Sexy Bathrooms throughout the weekend of Big Love." You get the picture.' Chef and co-owner Donna Dooher says, "We've always had little trysts in our bathrooms. We're taking it to the next level on Valentine's weekend."

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