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Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

That was a coordinated act of terrorism. AKA an armed non-state military action, not some loon with a gun.

We will always have terrorism and we will and should always respond to those in a different way than we do to loons. For one thing, we can throw potential terrorists into a deep dark hole for the rest of their lives on suspicion alone. We can just do that to suspicious gun owners.

Maybe that's the rule that needs to change.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

You don't understand mental illness. You would have no idea that you were about to shoot up a school full of children before you'd already done it. What way too many people fail to understand about gun violence is not the possibility of themselves becoming a victim. It's the underestimation of their chances of becoming the shooter. The insane generally have no idea that they're insane and you wouldn't have a clue either.

Comment Re:We should retaliate! (Score 2) 306

No body hates anybody here. These are countries, not people. Countries don't actually have friends or enemies. Only interests.

If they want us to stop setting their stuff on fire, they need to align their interests with ours. Until then, we'll keep inching that armada we've got off their coast ever closer until either they take a shot at us or somebody sneezes and then the war starts.

Comment Re:Alternative: donate it (Score 1) 321

Basically, the chances your child will need it are really low and it's only useful until they're about 8 or so years old. The chances that you could do something great for someone else's child are great and in doing so you are also supporting the expansion of a culture where more people will donate so that if your child were to end up needing it, it would be available from a public bank. Doing the "right thing" also costs you $0. This is the choice we made with our child.

Comment Re:Hiding from cons, not pros (Score 1) 128

If this is all true, then why isn't my world a never ending deluge of ads for Cthulhu laced tentacle porn?

Sounds to me like people have issues in their lives which they hope to avoid dealing with through "privacy". In almost all cases it's better to just punch those issues in the face and get it over with.

Comment Re:Useless averages (Score 1) 128

Which of course begs the next question which is "who cares"...

Anyone digging into my life will only have themselves to blame when they recoil in horror and can't sleep at night...

My warning to anyone asking me any meaningful questions about myself always amounts to "I'd be happy to tell you, but once I do, I can't untell you."
Most people stop asking at that point.

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