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Comment Re:Game Theory to Predict Outcomes (Score 1) 846

>>> Neocons... neocons. You really can't take any criticism of your religion, can you? No shades of gray, only white. Democrats = communists = traitors = evil. Republicans = freetrade = plusgood.

There are always some who hold blindly to what they think is right without opening their minds to criticism. Steotyping an entire group to this king of thinking is wrong.
I, for one, listen to criticism. It isn't always easy, but it is the best way for me to know that my ideas are right.

Democrats do often espouse socialist values. Not all. Are they evil? No. I think that they are often wrong about what is best for America.

Republicans are typically for free trade. Not all. Does that make them good? I think that they are often right about what is best for America. (ignoring snide 1984 reference untill later)

Free markets have been shown to be the best motivator for humans to improve themselves.
Socialism is good at making everyone equal, but it has little incentive for humans to better themselves. Altuism is great, but it is truly sad that it is not strong enough in enough people for humanity to improve the same way that Enlightened Self-Intersts improves humanity through the free-market system.

But I digress...

>>> How do you war against "Terror"? What the hell is "Terror"? Terror is an emotion felt by you. I don't feel particularly terrorized, and I don't want the Constitution eliminated because I feel afraid.

Terror as used by President Bush refers to those who use terrorism, ie terrorists.

From Oxford dictonary:
terrorist n. a person who uses or favours violent and intimidating methods of coercing a government or community.

Freedom of Life, Liberty, and Property are core values of America. All three were compromised one day late in the summer of 2001. It is why we are pursuing these people.

I agree with you that the Constition should not be eliminated becuase of this. I am actually more concerned about this than future terroristic threats. What use is it if in the course of fighting that compromise what we are fighting for?

I am releived to see that the Patriot Act is being lessened and that TIA is no longer planned.

>>> Is it really a war against brown Moslems? If not, what the hell are you warring against? bin Laden and his cultists blew up some buildings. Find him. Oh, I must be a Democrat and a fool, 'cause I point out that we haven't found him, but Bush is blowing up brown Iraqis who sort of look like bin Laden, if he weren't a Saudi, rich, and oh yes, still not found.

I don't care what color terrorist's skin is or what God they worship. All that matters is the "color of their character," and terrorists character color is decidedly evil.

We are looking for Bin Laden and his cultists, as well as those that support him and his cultists. These supports included the Taliban and the ertwhile government of Iraq. I know the latter is still disputed, but I think there is sufficient evidence. And regardless of Saddam's support for Osama, it has been shown that he has supported Palestinian suicide bombers. His regime supported terrorism one way or another. Thanks to 250,000 Americans it no longer supports terrorism.
Oh, we still looking for bin Laden too. He will turn up eventually, if he is not already dead.

Criticism always has it place. It shouldn't not be shouted down unheard. That said, I have heard little form leading Democrats worth much thought.
Also in time of war, especially in this information age, criticism should be weighed against the possibility that it might embolden to use political warfare and otherwise bolster their will to fight all at the risk of our soldiers.

I think the criticism before the war started was fine. Once the shooting started however, I think it would have been best to rally together and work toward your goal based on the new situation. There is no "UNDO" button, dwelling in the past and wishing with all you might that a course of action had never been taken will only be seen as partisan at best.

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