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Comment Professionalize computer science (Score 5, Insightful) 84

Many engineers who design bridges, roads, buildings, power systems, etc. are required to get a proefessional engineering certificate. There is no equivalent for computer scientist in the United States. Until there is liability for poor designs and implementation there will be changes to improve quality and security.

Comment Re: Huh? Harassment? (Score 1) 360

I know several married couples that met at work and have a happy marriages. I do not believe that is a problem. All employees have the right to have a safe work environment free from intimidation, harassment, and discrimination. Supervisors and leaders have the responsibility of making sure the workforce is safe for all. This includes protecting potential victims of sexual harassment and those who are falsely accused. This also includes taking disciplinary action when it is required.

Comment A solution: Professional association (Score 1, Flamebait) 44

Registration of security researchers
Security researchers provides a valuable service. Why not establish a professional association, establish codes of conduct, and a method to register professionals. These professionals could submit proposals for pen testing, security scans, etc. to the professional organization and they would be held in private from others. In the event an incident comes up the government would contact the professional association and they would check if a registered professional is doing research on said network.

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