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Comment A solution: Professional association (Score 1, Flamebait) 44

Registration of security researchers
Security researchers provides a valuable service. Why not establish a professional association, establish codes of conduct, and a method to register professionals. These professionals could submit proposals for pen testing, security scans, etc. to the professional organization and they would be held in private from others. In the event an incident comes up the government would contact the professional association and they would check if a registered professional is doing research on said network.

Comment Re: "Millennials are stupid" (Score 1) 143

It was faggots like you who decided using social security numbers as identification was a good thing. Don't try to claim any sort of high ground here. Idiot.

Can you suggest another mechanism to enable identification of an individual without using a social security number, national identifier, passport number? Someone calling a company, government, etc. and claiming they are the person because they can verbally say three word (John James Doe) is not going to work.

Comment Re:Who the hell is Geoffrey Stone? (Score 1) 209

He's very carefully avoiding commenting on the ethics and morality of domestic surveillance and focusing instead on the legality of it. One could mistake him for a Chicago economist.

Some would find ethical and moral issues with abortions. Ethical and moral issues aside abortions are permissible based upon a ruling by the supreme court
The activities of NSA were authorized by congress and had oversight from the judicial and executive branches of government.

Comment Unfortunately - it won't stop the run away train (Score 1) 741

Donald Trump has tapped into a visceral nature of a base that feels ignored and marginalized by the "establishment" part of the party. The party deserves what is happening. Unfortunately, America (and the rest of the world) does not deserve Donald Trump. Howard Dean had a goofy 'Yell' after winning a primary and it sunk his campaign. Trump says 'I can shoot people in Times Square and not take a hit in the polls' and 'The guy [protester] needs to leave the building in a stretcher' and nothing happens. People who support Trump should be ashamed of themselves.

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