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Submission + - Man creates ATLAS detector out of LEGO — tries to turn it into official LE (

Vicsun writes: It won't be smashing hadrons at speeds that are fractions of the speed of light, but it will still be a hell of a lot of fun, and could be in your hands soon. A post-doc at the Niels Bohr Institute, in Copenhagen, has recreated the ATLAS detector in lego bricks, and is now trying to transform his design to an official LEGO product.

Submission + - The length of a meter (

Vicsun writes: What's the length of a meter? What's the duration of a second? Why do Berliners have the largest feet in Germany? Nobel laureate Klaus von Klitzing sheds light on those mysteries.

Comment you're a dumbass (Score 3, Informative) 333

Your analogy is flawed. A CEO is responsible to his shareholders and can be replaced if he does a bad job. This is more analogous to a democracy, where, in theory a leader doing a bad job can be voted out and replaced. A CEO who was such by birthright, had absolute power and held no responsibility to anyone other than himself would very likely be worse than a CEO responsible to shareholders, like a leader responsible to the people would be better than one not responsible to anyone.

Benevolent dictators are not unheard of, but are definitely in the minority.

Comment Re:Copenhagen interpretation (Score 1) 521

Second, in my mind the Copenhagen interpretation is impossible to prove because you can never really know what the wavefunction is doing before the observation, and this is why it's an interpretation

It seems that "in my mind" is the latest code-word for "I don't know what I'm talking about".

You would have been right until 1964. That's the year when John Bell showed that it makes an observable difference whether the particle had a precise (though unknown) position prior to the measurement or not. It was more or less Bell's Theorem that settled the Bohr-Einstein debates - in which Bohr claimed particles had no precise position prior to their measurement, and Einstein claimed they did but QM was incomplete as it only provided a statistical interpretation - in favor of Bohr, making the Copenhagen Interpretation the orthodox view in the community.

Submission + - Why don't mac computers work well with NAS?

rainman_104 writes: "I've recently succumbed and dumped my Fedora driven laptop in favour of a Macbook. I must say I've been loving it — a laptop with all the goodness of a Mac with the familiarity of Unix. However I'm miffed with the apps. iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Lightroom, Aperture. They all really really suck with NAS. They run slow and Apple recommends you only use those apps with attached storage. I found a small hack to get my music playing off my central server using mt-daapd, but all the other awesome apps, I just can't use from NAS. How have other people dealt with this? With all my movies, music, photos and such, I can't possibly be bothered to duplicate them all across my LAN at home. Should I bite the bullet and store all my stuff locally on my laptop too? What do others do?"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Upcoming firmware will brick unlocked iPhones (

iCry writes: It was rumored last week, and Apple has now confirmed it: 'Apple said today that a firmware update to the iPhone due to be released later this week "will likely result" in SIM-unlocked iPhones turning into very expensive bricks... So what are users of SIM-unlocked iPhones to do? Not run the latest software update, that's for sure. Users can instead pray to the hacking deities — the famed iPhone Dev Team that released the free software unlock, and iPhoneSIMfree, which released a commercial software unlock — to write applications that will undo the unlocks, as it were, if those users want to run the latest iPhone software.'
Media (Apple)

Submission + - iPod database encrypted; Linux users locked out (

President Nixon writes: It appears Apple has finally done something about 3rd party media-players being used to manage iPods. Quoth the article,

The iPod keeps track of the songs and playlists in your iPod with a database file — the iTunesDB, found in the iPod_Control/iTunes/ hidden folder on the iPod... At the very start of the database, a couple of what appear to be SHA1 hashes have been inserted which appear to lock the iTunes database to one particular iPod and prevent any modification of the database file. If you try to do either of these, the hashes will not match and the iPod will report that it contains "0 songs" when the iTunesDB would otherwise be perfectly adequate.
This means that one can no longer use 3rd party products like Anapod, Amarok, or Yamipod to synch their iPod to their library leaving users of OSs on which iTunes is not supported out in the cold.


Submission + - Microsoft Releases Low-end Embedded Platform

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft officially released a software development kit (SDK) for the .NET Micro Framework, today. The new, low-end member of Microsoft's embedded software lineup extends the company's reach into high-volume, cost-sensitive devices and subsystems with severely constrained processor and memory resources. The .NET MF grew out of Microsoft's Smart Personal Objects Technology initiative, aka SPOT, and supports low-end embedded processors that lack MMUs. A typical .NET MF runtime image is about 300 KB in size. In contrast, Windows CE's kernel alone requires 300 KB, and a complete Windows CE application typically consumes on the order of 4-8 MB of RAM and 8-16 MB of flash.

Submission + - Cases for Towers and Monitors?

Andrew writes: I know it's not very often that I'll want to take my desktop PC out and about, but every now and then it would be helpful to have something to move my tower and monitor in that's not a box with packing peanuts. Has anyone found any solution that is viable (read as durable and not flashy)?

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