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Comment Re:Geek art since the 80's (Score 1) 89

My holiday tree is decorated with bead pixel art from mainly 8-bit and 16-bit games, plus a Fygar. I think the giant Golgo 13 head the spouse demanded is a bit off-putting, but it's generally very cool indeed.

The Magnet Man bead art was upgraded to the year-round honor of hanging on the fridge with the help of some neodymium magnets.

Comment Re:Theory (Score 1) 630

My theory is that nearly all people saying they're looking for their soulmate aren't ready to find their soulmate. Too many people believe in an effort-free, life-long love. Riding off into the sunset and never a care again. Perhaps I'm one of the jaded ones, but in my experience, even the best relationships are at least 50% work.

I also met my spouse on OkCupid. Some call us soulmates. I'm just glad to be so happy every day; I don't care what the label is. Had to wade through a lot of people to find him, though.

Comment As a gamer (Score 1) 111

I will respond to this information with a true gamer's response: I will buy a Wii U the day Pikmin 3 is released. Basically, content is king. I know people bash the Wii a lot, but I realized when organizing my shelves the other day that my SO and I have managed to collect more Wii games than I've had for any other system in my life. Some were great, some were so-so, but I don't regret any of the purchases.

Comment Honestly, I don't know (Score 1) 596

Help me out here. I'm 30, so I started voting and paying attention to politics around 2000. For my entire adulthood, it's been taken as a given that politicians vote based on who pays them most. If we took away bribery, how would they know how to vote? I feel like we're saying we need to take the tomatoes out of marinara sauce. All politicians have is bribery and pandering. Without bribery to give them something to do, they'll just keep passing laws about abortion every couple weeks.

Comment Mixed (Score 1) 309

My paycheck will probably go down at least another 3-5% because of healthcare costs increasing an no raises. The new husband will probably have an increase in pay because his tiny company is growing but they don't offer healthcare yet, so while I'm down 5% he'll be up 5%. We'll probably be about even! If he get health coverage, though my workplace, we'll be down at least 10-15% of our collective purchasing power over last year.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 861

Funny thing about Category F. I just got married about a month ago, and it would cost over $500 a month to put my husband on my crappy pay-nothing high-deductible insurance, just in case he fell out of a window and survived. Neither of us are engineers or programmers. That $500 is a lot of money for us, and we just can't justify it. Our hope is to find one at a competitive rate in 2014. Until then, I'm keeping the windows locked and won't let him in the kitchen with all the knives and heat sources.

Comment Re:More content (Score 4, Informative) 323

That's weird. When I look at my account:
Star Gate Atlantis - Yes
Airplane! - Yes
Doctor Who - All the new Who that has been release on DVD except Season 6 which was released two days ago in Region 2 only
Star Trek Series - I see original, TNG, Voyager, DS9, Enterprise, the Animated Series.
Die Hard - Yes
Family Guy - Yes
Futurama - Yes
Grey's Anatomy - Yes

Are you a troll?

Comment Played it the last few days (Score 1) 138

It's a good game, but was over-hyped. A lot like most games in a series, I supposed. But, hey, my save file hasn't yet corrupted itself and there aren't weird glitches making people spin for no reason, so I'm happy. It's harder than previous Zelda games, which I am starting to appreciate, and I'm getting the hang of having to actually fight the monsters instead of just hitting a button over and over again. I agree, though, that it's not as pretty as I had hoped, and I say that compared to just other Wii games. It's more a stylistic thing than a pixels thing, for me. I preferred Wind Waker's visuals.

Comment Re:Needs new leadership (Score 1) 325

People were pissed enough when they heard that they'd have to go to two separate sites (Netflix and Kwikster) to get streaming versus mail delivery DVDs. I imagine there will be the same sort of reaction when we're told that if we want Sony movies, we go to Site A and pay $5.99 a month, and if we want Warner Brothers, we go to Site B and pay $5,49 a month, and if we want Disney we go to Site C and pay $7.99 a month. If that's the way things go in the future, I think a lot of people will go back to opting for Site D, also known as The Pirate Bay.

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