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Comment Re:Home school (Score 2) 529

The problem with a general solution in education is that it does not exist. Period. Since no two people are alike in their learning styles, attempting a cookie-cutter solution is basically what our public school system has been doing and failing miserably at for umpteen years.

Yes, one *COULD* use home schooling to mold one's children into carbon copies. One *COULD* use the system to avoid "evilution". But one could also use it to stimulate critical thinking, independent and insatiable learning, and deep understanding of this world.

It is amazing that people usually blame the implementation of ideas, but not the ideas themselves, when things go wrong.

Comment Similar to deniable encryption... (Score 1) 106

The goal stated in the article is similar to that of deniable encryption. Whereas "honey encryption" works through a piece of dedicated software, deniable encryption works by constructing a block of ciphertext in such a way that different plausible plaintexts can be recovered depending on which symmetric key is used for decryption. Of course, only the user knows how many different plaintexts are actually buried in the ciphertext, and under duress (rubber hose, point of a gun, etc.) he can relinquish the non-incriminating plaintext and claim innocence.

Comment Food for... (Score 1) 97

"But still, watching a star eating its own planets is not only cool in its own right, but also provides food for thought as to how to keep the human species going long after the Sun starts going off the main sequence into red giant-hood."

Oh, I get it. Food for thought. Delicious.

Comment Re:As someone who was 40 and is now 54... (Score 1) 708

Thank you very much for sharing your life story here. I turn 39 in a few months and have been doing sys/net admin for better part of the last 12 years, and now am sorting out what my next step is. I enrolled in a part-time Master's program in CS at a major local university and expect to graduate sometime next year, and I am giving serious thoughts about going for a doctoral program in either CS or bioinformatics after that. Eventually I hope to get into either information security research or computational biology research. (Disclosure: I have a B.A. in biology and it's been very helpful to explore that possible career. The fact that I am a Christian also reminds me that God will direct my path ultimately as He is the author and perfecter of my faith.)

I am of the opinion that I must do what I love, and love what I do. I am not getting out of IT because it's boring - I am actually a technophile. I am moving on to something else because it is more challenging and a higher mountain to climb, but also potentially more rewarding to me. This does not mean I don't experience doubts or fear, but it does clarify the direction for me. In general, I do love what I do and I hope I get to continue doing that until the day I die.

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