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Comment Re:launching an exe from a web browser is stupid (Score 1) 323

Ahh. That would go towards explaining some of your ire, I suppose.

Unfortunate as it is that they do not support all fringe cases (And opera is a fringe case), your complaint may be a blessing in disguise. Many people, after trying such a setup, prefer a self-contained or separate environment for battlelog such as a pinned IE shortcut or separate chrome profile with the battlelog extensions, which has the added benefit of keeping game tabs separate from browsing tabs. (I'm afraid the extensions aren't available for Opera either). I like the word "Fringe".

Comment Re:launching an exe from a web browser is stupid (Score 1) 323

Of all the valid complaints about BF3 I've heard or made, this is one of the only ones I can disagree with on a regular basis. ----------------- (Silly me not knowing how to linebreak on ./) -------------- While no one is demanding you LIKE a web-based matchmaking/community interface, extremely rare has been the case that Battlelog has been down when EA's game/stat servers were still up. It also runs in whichever "shitty" browser you like, including the currently most popular and standards compliant "shitty" browser, Chrome. ----------------- Not only that, but Battlelog is much more extensible by the developers and players alike (BetterBattlelog, Battlelog+), leading to quicker updates when such are needed or requested - you may notice that many, if not most popular suggestions for battlelog have been implemented officially or unofficially, while the game itself still languishes. It allows you to look through your detailed statistics while in a game, conduct private messaging, queue into other servers, and interact with your clan, among other things. -------------- While I do have reserved praise (Perhaps it seems unreserved, but I assure it is not) for Battlelog as a concept and implementation, there are aspects of it I have large issues with - primarily the implication that the half-assed voice chat included in it should suffice for the in-game voice chat provided in previous games, and even on consoles for this game. -------------- Unfortunately I suspect I will not find sensible discussions on this here, much as I would not on the rightly maligned battlelog forums - indeed a cesspool as stated elsewhere here, even if a developer-run (instead of EA's BF3 forums) cesspool.

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