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Comment Another vague classification (Score 3, Insightful) 300

First we had a "suspect." Then there was a "person of interest." Now we have a "potential person of interest." Where does it end?

Somebody suspected of a crime
Person of Interest
Somebody suspected of a crime without direct evidence
Potential Person of Interest
Somebody not yet suspected of a crime but will be harassed anyway

Let me propose...

Person Capable of Wrongdoing
Somebody who doesn't agree with you and will have their lives ruined
Person Who Hasn't Committed a Crime Yet, But Probably Will One Day
Everybody else waiting for the Gestapo to show at the door

Comment I can testify (Score 5, Interesting) 418

When I'm driving with a passenger and conversing with them, I seem to only be able to actually focus on one of those tasks at a time.

If I am concentrating on the road, I've noticed that I tend to block out the passenger. Sometimes what the passenger says will get processed a good 5 seconds or so later when I'm in safer circumstances (straight driving in my lane). And if I'm instead thinking about what the occupant is saying, I will tend to miss turns that I know full well I need to take.

During any of this, however, I am driving fairly well. I have never had an accident in my 14 years on the road. But my brain is apparently focusing its full cognitive abilities on the road and traffic, but leaves little else to work with in that regard.

You can either tell me how your day went, or we can get to the restaurant. But they are somewhat mutually exclusive.


Submission + - Daily Show and The Colbert Report to be suspended

VeteranNoob writes: A looming strike by the Writers Guild of America might jeopardize new "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" episodes . The shows require fresh material, a dependency that is apparently lacking in other prime-time offerings. While the writers are on strike, we can expect reruns of the two Comedy Central programs. This announcement comes at a critical time when the shows' political outlooks could influence the 2008 elections. Nevertheless, Viacom has plenty of content to keep us entertained and drooling.

We have a good pipeline of movies that are already produced or are in production which will not be affected.

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