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Comment Re:No, it will (Score 1) 115

Blocking private IP space in this context means that the router has a rule along these lines

if (DST Subnet: || || ) && (DST iface = WAN) drop

So, in other words, if the destination interface is the WAN port, and the destination subnet is RFC1918 space, drop the packet. Unless the subnet exists on the LAN side, and is therefore in the routing table as something more specific than, the packets are going to be routed to the default gateway (eg. your upstream), and match the above rule and be dropped. If the subnet did exist on the LAN, then a route would exist, it would never match the default gateway and never end up going out the WAN to the cable modem.

Even something old but venerable like the WRT54G has this feature, and enabled by default.

Now, before your router has a public IP on its WAN interface, it is often possible to hit the page from the LAN side - that's because in the interim while a public IP is being acquired, the WAN iface is given something in the 100.x subnet by the cable modem DHCP, and will have 100.1 as a gateway. But once it gets the lease for the actual public IP and real gateway, all of that gets dropped, and you're back to the situation described above

YMMV, but I've never been able to hit my cable modem status page with a default router config, on Comcast, in the decade+ I've had service with numerous routers from cheap throwaway no-names to WISP grade stuff like mikrotik and ubiquiti.

Comment Re:I sympathize I ride DC's METRO rail (Score 2) 474

Now if you try to take a MAX at 2am,

Then you are shit out of luck. Sadly one of the major failings of the MAX is that it doesn't operate after the bars close at 2/2:30. There's only a handful of trains that run after 1am, and nothing system-wide after 2, only a few very short 5 stop sort of staging runs on one end to get stuff in place for the morning or maint.

Comment Re:ahhhh advertising, my good friend! (Score 3, Funny) 169

I disagree. It doesn't just look bad, it's indentation is communicating semantics that aren't accurate. It should be corrected. Something that should be corrected... is a flaw.

You say its "working as intended" (and I presume it is); but the message the developer communicated with that formatting is that he intended for it to work differently from how it does in fact work.

I agree its "just a formatting error"... but its a particularly nasty one; and code like that SHOULD be investigated and corrected.

Thank god FreeBSD isn't written in python

Comment Re:Here's how I found out.... (Score 2) 72

Indeed, I've received notification from the FBI at $dayjob based on information they scraped from Shodan.
Specifically, it looked like they were looking for "siemens" anywhere in the results, and then sending out notifications, most likely intended for SCADA/Industrial Automation kind of gear. We just happen to have a handful of Siemens CPEs... because apparently they make DSL modems too?

Submission + - Katy Perry (

unomatch writes: Katy Perry is best known as a pop singer with her music sprinkled liberally throughout the film soundtracks released starting in the year 2008. Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in Santa Barbara, California, Perry decided to change her last name to avoid any confusion with the actress Kate Hudson. Rejected several times for independent recording contracts before landing a deal with her debut "One of the Boys" album, Perry has been a collaborator on songwriting for other performers such as Kelly Clarkson. She is set to have a brief cameo in the movie Get Him to the Greek as well as being attached to the 2011 proposed film, Timeless.

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