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Comment Re:Fucking useless (Score 1) 77

Up until Windows Vista, MIDI was handled by the hardware or the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth or whatever flavor of softsynth you had (like Timidity,) the browser just used whatever you had selected as your MIDI device. That option has been removed, now, so in Windows, you're stuck with whatever shitty GS they have unless you use another media player that can allow soft-loading of soundfonts (yay, AIMP2!)

Example of what MIDI can really do -

Comment Re:My art is shit (Score 1) 564

". The wire and magents make no difference to the saturation of the core at all."

Without the wire and magnets, you have no core period. It's all in the construction. Use a shitty weak magnet and thin conductors, you overload it easily. Use a strong magnet with thick conductors, you can't reach the saturation point as easily.

Pickup design 101. I've gone through several HUNDRED variations of magnet and conductor, from nail+bottlecap+bell wire+fridge magnets to United Nuclear magnets and 12-gauge wiring.

Pickups are not transformers, despite sharing several characteristics. Break out your o-scope and start building them.

Comment Re:Reading is Fundamental (Score 2) 136

If you knew shit about Boeing, you'd know they had R&D facilities where they developed alloys and then had other industry partners manufacture them en-masse.

Boeing was heavily involved in titanium alloys and aluminum-lithium alloy development in the 70s and 80s.

Which is a perfect explanation about why pure titanium, cerium, and more was found on the tie.

Comment Re:My art is shit (Score 1) 564

Good thing my pickups are custom built with powerful magnets and thick conductor wire so you can't ever reach the saturation point. Very crisp SLAP when I literally pound my thumb into the E string.

Also, my amp is not acting as a compressor as it's just feeding the raw line signal (speaker is not connected so we're never hitting even 1/5 power draw at any time) to the mixer board. It's purely a signal processor/EQ at its current setup points.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 564

A five-pass erase is as simple as throwing the thing under a super-powerful magnet for five passes. I've got a 3" x 6" x 2" neodymium magnet that can pulls the pans out of my cupboard from three feet away. Tapes, credit cards with magnetic stripes, anything magnetic gets near it, it's getting wiped thoroughly with just the first pass, but I do it five times over since it's easy enough to push a button to reverse the conveyor belt.

Comment More Nintendo Stupidity (Score 2) 166

You need a smartphone for voice chat?

Really? I can think of two things wrong with this idea. A. people will already use voice chat apps on their phone, and not the one Nintendo (might) provide. B. This sounds like a violation of anti-tying provisions in the Magnusson-Moss warranty act.

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