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Comment Re:points of interest (Score 1) 377

"Zero, since it doesn't actually provide thrust."

That in itself would violate Newton's Laws of Motion, wouldn't it? Specifically, that would be Newton's Third Law, for every action, there is an equal and opposing reaction. If you're emitting something, even inside of a closed cavity, THERE MUST BE INITIAL THRUST/PUSH OFF OF THE EMITTING MATERIAL, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, EITHER POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE.

Back to school with you.

Comment Re:Free of compromises? (Score 1) 82

"the guncons of most consoles is really a photo transistor"

No, just the Action Maxx, Nintendo Zapper, Super Nintendo Super Scope, and the Sega Genesis Menacer ones used that (of the sozens of consoles I've owned and taken apart over the years.) Everything else from the PSX on up (Time Crysis, anyone?) worked fine with LCD screens.

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