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Comment Better idea (Score 1) 300

Have some in-site ads that can't be blocked - e.g. coming directly from the root level, and just pepper the loaded pages of those not logged in with them.

If they block the root domain, they block themselves from the site. If they don't want to see as many ads, they need to get an account and stay logged in.

The trick is finding the perfect balance, required effort vs incentive to not act a certain way.

Comment Shut down Level 3 and ban VoIP Telephony (Score 3, Informative) 118

Almost all spam calls, robocalls, and illegal calls to cell phones that I receive are traced to VoIP services offered by Level 3 subsidiaries or Level 3 themselves. They do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix any of this.

Shut down Level 3 and ban the easy scam-hiding that is VoIP telephony, I can guarantee you the majority of this bullshit will stop immediately.

Comment FIRE BEAUHD (Score 0) 85

I don't want your fucking unrelated blurbs at the end of the goddamned story. Quit being a clickbait fucking site, Slashdot.

Whipslash, start paying attention to the bullshit your idiot editors are doing - they're one of the primary reasons we write exploit code for this site and continue to do so TO THIS DAY.

Comment Re:Hackintosh (Score 1) 148

"You have no comprehension of where those IP's came from on that chart nor where those addresses point/pointed to."

That would be incorrect. I've got data from dozens of sites where I manage networks (most of the systems connected being Apple systems) and have all the traffic stats going back seven years.

You are talking entirely out of your ass. None of those IPs have ever been touched on any of my networks, not in the ASA or MPLS logs. NONE.

Comment Re:No issues here. (Score 1) 48

"modification of a system in a non-obvious manner which makes it more useful or improves its function"

A DNS reflection attack does none of those, so no.

A real hack would be using an attack as a form of defense against attacks, without impairing the function of the network in general.

Anything else is simply called being a fucking asshole.

Comment Re:Share Video Internally (Score 1) 34

"It scales poorly"

If something THAT SIMPLE scales poorly, the issue lies with YOUR NETWORK STRUCTURE AND THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND IT, not the video itself.

What would your advice be, eh? All that fucking wasted money. Your advice is worth precisely nothing as it doesn't save anybody money, gains no efficiency, and now you have to learn how to use ANOTHER SYSTEM when you've got built-in ones that already do the task.

Only a Microsoft Shill would shill so hard as to push another Microsoft product when Microsoft has had this problem solved since Windows 2000.

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