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Comment Nestle didn't discover anything. (Score 4, Informative) 318

This is something well-known to anyone with actual culinary experience. See sea salt vs table salt. Same principle applies to sugar - make if finer, you find that you actually end up using LESS because of more even distribution for same effect.

Nestle is literally trying to patent that which has been known for fucking centuries by any generally-knowledgeable housewife or cook or chef.

Comment It's a shit place to work. (Score 4, Interesting) 387

One of my former co-workers from the porno business got a job at Amazon. She quit within a week and told me "I'd rather go back to the porno shop, at least there they bother to give you lube for when you get fucked."

That alone tells me all I need to know about Amazon, and I'll never shop there. If one of my co-workers from a very tough industry couldn't hack something supposedly so simple and benign as Amazon warehouse work when she had no problems sorting and packing and selling boxes of DVDs and lube and sex toys, there's something seriously fucking wrong with Amazon's management and policies and procedures.

Comment Re: UMM DUHHH (Score 1) 121

The hardware allows it and has since WAY BACK (Like Sound Blaster Live using kX drivers you could route anything anywhere.)

And with things like the newer Windows Sound System (Win7+) you can now surreptitiously and maliciously make it so that your malware can listen in on a specific program. You couldn't do that in XP, as XP didn't have per-program audio control.

Comment Idiots... (Score 1) 361

"The U.S. National Highway Transportation Department said the rules will cost the auto industry about $39 million annually because automakers will need to add an external waterproof speaker to comply.'

As opposed to the one ALREADY INSTALLED ON MOST EVERY CAR since like.. the 60s? The fuck are these morons smoking?

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