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Comment Go on strike? (Score 3, Insightful) 813

This may be a silly question since I've never been in this kind of situation, but why doesn't the IT staff all collectively refuse to train their outsourced replacements? Or go on strike? Even if they aren't unionized, they could go on strike (I assume). Am I just making some bad assumptions here?

Comment It's because the game has no long term goals (Score 3, Insightful) 194

Unlike Ingress, where there is a continuing story line influenced by how well the two factions are doing, and there is a global score that every player can influence, and an in game chat function so players can interact without knowing each other ahead of time, and the ability for huge operations involving dozens of players and the challenge of organizing such an operation (clearing lanes to make way for linking, capturing or destroying key portals, heading out to some obscure location in the middle of the night and feeling like a secret agent on a top secret mission), Pokemon Go really has very little to offer. On top of that, the tracking feature is not what the players wanted (and had at release). You basically go around capturing gyms, which serves no purpose... the xp gained is not worth the potions you need to use to recover from the attack, so unless you are trying to get on multiple gyms to get your daily rewards, there is little point. You also go around hunting pokemon, which is not multiplayer in the slightest, except for the fact that your friends can do it with you. And you can only hunt so many pokemon before it gets redundant... the xp requirements suddenly grow at a stupidly fast rate once you get to level 20. It is extremely difficult to find new players as there is no way to communicate with them unless you happen to bump in to them. If you live in a place far away from water, you essentially are locked out of some of the badges and pokemon (unlike ingress where all badges are accessible, even while urban play and rural play present different challenges).

Essentially, Pokemon Go has little to offer once the novelty wears off.

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