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Comment Whats the problem (Score 1, Redundant) 1147

i dont see whats wrong with what ballmer is saying. im not a huge fan of him or windows by any means but an apple is an x86 computer in a fancy case with an overpriced operating system. sure its better than windows but not so much to be paying such a steep price for it.

the extra cost just makes less people afford it and the ones who do end up being smug like hybrid owners in southpark, or on slashdot..

Comment Re:Allowed scope of updates (Score 1) 803

b) Other apps are hosted in repositories. Some by the program writer, some by other people. But Apt/synamptic manages all the repositories in one place for you! And you can turn them on and off at will. What a concept!! This is what people have been requesting from Microsoft update for the better part of a decade.

installing some addon to a 3rd party program for microsoft to try and increase its market share through some .NET BS is not what people have been requesting at all.

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