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Comment Re:I am a "cool" nerd and totally agree. (Score 1) 453

After reading some of the other posts, I just I should add that I was very successful in sports (not football.... wasn't interested in going to college with blowout knees).   Had a chance to walk on to our college track team (a very good one) but declined because it would have used up too much of my time.

All of the other people talking crap about this idea really don't know what they're talking about.  Ignorance is bliss I guess...

Comment I am a "cool" nerd and totally agree. (Score 1) 453

Did pretty well in undergrad and picked up a Computer Engineering degree.

Most of my classmates went on to work for the DoD.  I took the Kurt Vonnegut approach and said, 'no thanks'.   I was also pushed away from being a nerd because of the people.... yeah, I've got my good friends but mostly everyone I graduated with were, well, kinda sad.   So many of them focused on siloing their skill set that they didn't bother peaking their heads out of the basement computer lab to get out a live a WELL-ROUNDED life.

Applied for an MFA program that specialized in 3D (Maya specifically)... did allright, had one heck of a time learning how to paint but was fortunate to have had a lot of this kind of education when I was young (teenager) and not really all the way into computers.

Now, I boot up WoW every 6 months to look at the new artwork and scene design (then turn it off so I can go out and meet hot girls).  I bought BioShock for my Mac (finally!) and played it for a while but seem to have simply lost the taste for gaming.  I know I know... but man, I do SO MUCH ELSE.

Now, I work as a systems architect full-time and teach  drawing and 3D animation 2 nights a week.    I make presentations that communicate so much and do so in a very captivating way....  not to mention, I'm in with both the NERD scene and the ART scene.   Anyone want to guess which is more fun?

I heard it explained in such a way once that practical degrees (engineering, architecture, comp sci, medicine, etc) are a great core skill-set to have but by branching out and getting something less practical, it expands your mind to the nth degree and makes those core skill-sets that much more effective.

This is by far the best decision I have made in my life. 

Comment State vs US from a Southerner. (Score 2, Interesting) 414

We here in South Carolina applaud your rhetoric but thanks to that Yankee jackass Lee, your assertion that we are state citizens first and US citizens second has been proven false.

For all the crap people give the south, I'm glad y'all are realizin' what the whole "state rights" thing was about. I always read with interest the rants most recently from Cali and Texas governments about their relationship with the Fed.

Comment Brother . . . (Score 1) 216

. . . either you don't have any imagination or you simply don't get it.

This tool is going to be pretty awesome and I for one look forward to using it. If this app works out, I think it is going to be one of the first true Web 3.0 (yes, I hate the term too) services. Add a little personal automation (script your own) and we've all of the sudden have a little AI dumb terminal in our back pockets we can tap for info. I am looking forward to it and as I suspect it will be a free service, I'm not going to look that particular gift horse in the mouth.


Comment why Twitter is interesting .. . (Score 1) 186

Well, we're very happy for you and your vernacular.

I used to think the same thing but have done a 180 in the past few months. Please let me elaborate:
  • For one thing, Twitter has given the Internet as an entity its own voice. Think about the information people are able to provide as real-time sensors.
  • Twitter is an incredibly simple 1 to N communication medium. You post to 1 location, the message is delivered to N followers.
  • Some people might be using it to blog about breakfast (I follow a few) but for myself I use it as a way to setup really awesome interlinked tools. With oAuth now officially supported, this real time neural linkage of threaded/cronned progs is going to get loop!

But no, you just keep sitting over there in the corner sulking. Twitter as a business may be silly (God love em) but how else could you bring an idea like this to market?

I honestly think it's started changing some markets. There is a specialty beer store here that posts it's current daily list online. Nightclubs and their acts. Need to know the weather? A scrabble word?

Give it a try at least. Email me and I'd be more than happy to point out some more stuff.

Cheers! Veni

Comment Beta API to search across your data (Score 1) 266

This company has a Beta API to do just that I think.

I know of some people that are using it for searching across anonymized medical data.

BeliefNetworks Web Services API

They have code samples too and a downloadable Java Library.

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