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Comment Re:Chromecast? (Score 3, Informative) 117

You absolutely do NOT need to keep Netflix running on your phone and you absolutely CAN use your phone for something else while the Chromecast is streaming. I've been using a Chromecast since they came out and love it. In fact, my son is using it to watch cartoons on Netflix right now and I started the cartoon via my phone. I just rebooted my phone to see what would happen and sure enough, Netflix kept working just fine on the Chromecast. Once you start the stream, the Chromecast itself is what is communicating with Netflix/Youtube/whatever. One thing you are correct about is the local media streaming. That is a weakness, but you're incorrect on just about everything else in your post.

Comment Re:hmm... (Score 2, Insightful) 176

Unfortunately, the Chinese government already has free reign to do what they want, which is exactly why Google is leaving. I don't see it as a catch-22. China isn't going to let Google offer the services in the way that they (Google) want them to be provided. China has already made it clear that Google needs to comply with China's laws, so Google isn't going to be able to offer unfiltered search results and such. So what's the point of them staying if they are forever forced by the government to play by China's rules, and by staying they make themselves look worse in the eyes of the Western world?
Social Networks

MySpace To Sell User Data 199

OnlyJedi writes "Hot on the news of Netflix canceling its latest contest over privacy concerns, news has spread that MySpace is going in the opposite direction. Apparently, the one-time leading social network is now selling user data to third party collection firms. From the article, the data that InfoChimps has listed includes 'user playlists, mood updates, mobile updates, photos, vents, reviews, blog posts, names and zipcodes.' InfoChimps is a reseller that deals with individuals and groups, from academic researchers to marketers and industry analysts. So if you're worried about your data on MySpace being sold off to anybody with a few hundred dollars, now's the time to delete that little-used account."

Comment Re:No one should have expected (Score 1) 1364

I have a really hard time believing that people who intentionally go out into public with the stated intention of praying for the gay community (most likely to pray that they aren't gay anymore) aren't trying to drum up attention. Therefore I have a very hard time feeling sorry for them when they get exactly the type of attention they wanted.

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