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Comment WTF? (Score 1) 140

Micro$oft have for long now been patent trolls who don't do much anything useful. Vista was a disaster, Seven was an improvement, but Eight is totally fucked up. I was sat before a computer with a starting view that looked almost exactly like a Windoze phone's display; but this one wasn't a touch screen. Go figure.

This is going to be quite interesting, when two of the biggest software monopolies have it out with each other. I hope they both get cut down to size. The typical Micro$oft patent trolling is against a startup, that they figure as competition, that they cannot undercut or buy out, so they try to starve them by litigating the hell out of them.

There is a possibility, that I am just a little bit partial here. But I'm still left with one question: WTF? M$ believe these patents entitle them to royalties over Android phones, but from whom? Google or every fucking smartphone maker including themselves?

Comment U.S. has double standards (Score 1) 1111

Here's why I don't like U.S. system:

  • Double Standards everywhere you go.
  • The Justice Branch is based on bribery, just like the Legislative Branch. Where else can you have a judge deciding a case for the [plaintiff | defendant] just after an election, where the same spent almost a million to support his election. Not that this case was like that.
  • The Jury is usually cherry-picked, and bribing judges works here, too.
  • The Verdict is usually based on a decision by a Jury, who know nothing of the subject's background (thanks to an education that's totally fucked up. And bribery works here, too.

Ergo: Justice is for those who can afford it. Don't kid yourself about it.

How in the name of everything that is fair and just can a maker of equipment, that can be used for smuggling drugs, while a makers of guns, which are used all the time to kill people, have no liability?

Double Standard?

Democracy works, when you have a well-educated (good high-school level general education, that covers stuff like world history, ecology, languages and math & science), confident and a relatively well-off electorate. People who are scared and ignorant make shitty decisions, such as electing Dubya. Thus, the Executive Branch is elected by people who know nothing.

Comment "Trustworty" if you trust Micro$oft (Score 2) 185

It's true that Win 7 is a step ahead for windoze systems. It' practically workable! That is if you happen to like the way it works, because to tweak it even just a bit, you need to either be an expert or then buy a customising software.

But "Trustworthy Computing" has much more heinous objectives than making your windoze box more secure. It wants to make UEFI standards so that no other OS's can be run on a machine that uses M$ OS. It wants to make listening to your own music dependent on the presence of a TPM chip that takes care of all the critical security stuff, like Digital Rights Management. I guess it's in their interest to suck up to MPAA, RIAA and book publishers?

If George Orwell had had the vision, he'd have Micro$oft working for the Big Brother monitoring the people they don't like. I'm sorry, but I'll never again give M$ direct access to my hardware: it will always run in a virtual machine. I need to do it now and again to make sure that my stuff will also work with M$, specifically Internet Exploder. Granted, there are some pluses in IE9 over IE6, but they're negligible, basically eye candy.

Get behind FOSS or get left behind, is what I say.


Submission + - Improvement to MaxFlow Algorithm from MIT (

Velska1 writes: Jonathan Kelner from MIT will explain today in MIT Stata Center how the ubiquitous MaxFlow algorithm can be improved by using matrices.

The MIT News article is interesting in its own right, but this article is only promising the publication of the algorithm itself.

This item has been submitted, but apparently got lost in the flow.


Motorcyclist Wins Taping Case Against State Police 485

stevegee58 writes "Slashdot readers may recall the case of a Maryland motorcyclist (Anthony Graber) arrested and charged with wiretapping violations (a felony) when he recorded his interaction with a Maryland State Trooper. Today, Judge Emory A. Pitt threw out the wiretapping charges against Graber, leaving only his traffic violations to be decided on his October 12 trial date. 'The judge ruled that Maryland's wire tap law allows recording of both voice and sound in areas where privacy cannot be expected. He ruled that a police officer on a traffic stop has no expectation of privacy.' A happy day for freedom-loving Marylanders and Americans in general."

Submission + - Max Flow Problem Improved (

eldavojohn writes: It's been a decade since we first saw an improvement to the max flow problem well known to network engineers. Using linear algebra, a team developed a new algorithm that continually modifies values in a matrix representing a network and resolves the equation — effectively evaluating the whole graph at once. There's no code for the algorithm yet but the MIT article claims that 'If N is the number of nodes in a graph, and L is the number of links between them, then the execution of the fastest previous max-flow algorithm was proportional to (N + L)^(3/2). The execution of the new algorithm is proportional to (N + L)^(4/3).'

Submission + - Tracking browsers without cookies or IP addresses? ( 1

Peter Eckersley writes: The EFF has launched a research project called Panopticlick, to determine whether seemingly innocuous browser configuration information (like User Agent strings, plugin versions and, fonts) may create unique fingerprints that allow web users to be tracked, even if they limit or delete cookies. Preliminary results indicate that the User Agent string alone has 10.5 bits of entropy, which means that for a typical Internet user, only one in about 1,500 (2 ^ 10.5) others will share their User Agent string.

If you visit Panopticlick, you can get an reading of how rare or unique your browser configuration is, as well as helping EFF to collect better data about this problem and how best to defend against it.

Comment Silenced? (Score 1) 2

It does seem to me that SeismicShock is not silent; he is telling the world about this thing and this is more about the Sizer fellow using his relative popularity among his followers to get on the airwaves and in the consciousness of the couch potato class, whose main source of "information" and "news" is "Reality" TV and such (e.g. Big Brother and such).

The sheep will fear even more and hold on to their "guns and religion" whatever they may be for each. (TV Remote, that is used to block all inconvenient information is the gun, and the most popular show host's opinions are the religion.)


Submission + - AMD gains at the expense of Intel

OICJ writes: Advanced Micro Devices gained share in worldwide processor shipments at the expense of arch-rival Intel during the fourth quarter of 2009, according to new research. AMD shipped 19.4 percent of the world microprocessors, according to IDC, marking an increase from 17.7 percent the previous year. Although Intel maintained its dominant overall position, shipping 80.5 percent of all processors, it slipped from the 81.9 percent seen the previous year.

Submission + - AMD's Launches Budget Processor Refresh (

MojoKid writes: "AMD has again launched a bevy of new processors targeted squarely at budget conscious consumers. Though Intel may be leading the market handily in the high performance arena, AMD still provides a competitive offering from a price/performance perspective for the mainstream. HotHardware has a performance quick-take of the new 3.2GHz Phenom II X2 555 and 2.9GHz Athlon II X4 635. For $100 or less, bang for the buck with AMD is still relatively high."

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