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Comment Re:Sorry, no exceptions to mathematics. (Score 1) 388

Well, they have a perfectly valid complaint provided the phone is attempting to manipulate them or obtain something of value in order to give up its "hostages". Hey, why not go to "The phone has kidnapped the images of my child and is implicitly threatening to murder them if I enter the code wrong too many times!"

Comment Re:US Bill is only 4 Trillion? (Score 1) 528

Well, I don;'t think that the indirect effects are being much included at all. For example, the United Nations' Green Revolution was responsible for keeping perhaps a billion people from dying of starvation. They and their descendants now are causing a fair fraction of that "damage". Are the US and other First World nations wholly responsible for correcting this damage as well as their direct effects, or in this case would it be appropriate to expect those whose lives were saved to contribute a portion of t\heir own upkeep, so to speak?

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