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Comment Re:alternate point of view (Score 1) 183

It's intriguing how many of the opponents of the inheritable fixes that indulge in hyperbole of dangers and dismiss benefit are involved in the somatic therapies.

It's rather obvious that they have the greatest conflict of interest. Not only do germline genetic repairs compete with their intellectual property for patients to cure, they threaten to reduce common genetic maladies as a profit center, like a communicable disease treatable with a lucrative antibiotic being eliminated would deprofit the antibiotic manufacturer.

Listen to what one critic wrote in Nature: "Philosophically or ethically justifiable applications for this technology â" should any ever exist â" are moot until it becomes possible to demonstrate safe outcomes and obtain reproducible data over multiple generations."

Jeeze - treatments for fatal diseases aren't justifiable until after they've been used for multiple generations already to demonstrate safe outcomes? Way to set a conveniently impossible bar. And absurd, compared to the standards for any other medical treatment. They are more interested in patents than patients.

As to the parent comment, you don't encourage innovation by eliminating competing approaches. Unless you're a utterly slimy-selfish dolt.

Comment Re:Sorry, no exceptions to mathematics. (Score 1) 388

Well, they have a perfectly valid complaint provided the phone is attempting to manipulate them or obtain something of value in order to give up its "hostages". Hey, why not go to "The phone has kidnapped the images of my child and is implicitly threatening to murder them if I enter the code wrong too many times!"

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