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Comment 20 bucks! I'm switching to a metered plan! NOT.... (Score 1) 176

When you use more than 200 GB's a month, it takes more than 20 bucks to make you think about switching to a *uck everybody oops i mean a share everything plan... say they charge 20 bucks for 2 GB, so that would mean I'd have to pay 2000 dollars for 200 GB's... yeah I'll keep the unlimited... Also there has been some mention of letting grandfathered's use their upgrades... that's pure BS... The minute you press that button Verizon will put you on a minimum data plan and not tell you so they can get a big payday from you.. I haven't called customer service in four years because they'll move you off it in a second and CSR's get bonuses for doing it. I wonder what verizon's real world throughput per tower is.. because I'm betting they're using less than 10 % off of most rural towers... My point on that is they could easily handle a geometric increase in traffic with the bandwidth and towers they have and give everyone unlimited data but it's more profitable to meter to an insanely low threshold and charge 3x as much for an average customers unfettered usage...

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