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Comment Since you need FCRDNS to send mail these days (Score 5, Informative) 299

That means you have to control at least one IP address.

It's also really hard to send e-mail without at least one domain of your own.

Reseller pricing of low-end certificates is about the same cost as a domain. From Namecheap and elsewhere.

That said, I didn't know about this, and forgot to set up SSL at one of my domains. I didn't much care, but my reaction to this is pretty much "Oh, so that's what Google is bitching about. Okay."

This is much ado about rather little.

Comment Re:Please, just stop... (Score 1, Troll) 204

> Why would China want to teach the USA a lesson? The Chinese already own most US debt.

No, they do not. China and Hong Kong combined don't crack 10%.

> The only reason the US could be justifiably paranoid about what China can/can't do to them, is if the US intends to default on China, stop paying interest, and pre-emptively attack China to get out of the situation.

Treasuries do not work that way. China can take advantage of the Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing program in which a branch of the government effectively buys back said treasuries, but in treasuries are nothing more than pieces of paper that can be redeemed at a future date for a certain value, and these are bought and sold on a market just like any other commodity.

Comment Re:Gridlocked with No Way to Prime the Pump (Score 1) 438

> Could someone explain how they would escape that spiral? I'm not an economist so I don't know if there are other routes of which I'm unaware.

Start a rival chain, don't make it crazy deflationary, possibly patch up a few of Bitcoin's technical flaws.

Ironically it might spur even more Bitcoin transactions as people move to the new chain.

Comment Re:Dear /S/cientists (Score 2) 152

And that's just it - all stars involved are shedding mass in different directions, at varying rates. You might have instances where a single figure-eight of sorts gets performed, but that means there's been a capture and likely a subsequent ejection. But unless you actually want to engineer this somehow, and have a means of keeping it stable (planetary thrusters go!) - it won't be seen. If we ever find something like that the first assumption is going to be aliens having fun, and that's what Occom's razor is going to boil down to.

Comment Re:not on ip6 (Score 2) 497

> If the server or isp supports ip6, the attacker just needs a home that can use 100000000000 IP addresses, and on ip6 is easy.

All with the same /64 or, if you're lucky, a /60 or /56 prefix.

For my own CMS, I do ratelimits on /56 and /24 subnets. I track the hostmask on ipv6 for things like logins, but that's largely just because it's there.It's about as useful and relevant to me as your connecting port. And don't expect a site owner to treat it as any more unique.

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