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Comment Re:Mine is actually the toughest (Score 1) 227

When I decide I need to hire someone, I seek out applicants on my own, based on reputation in industry, published works, patents, and other factors. When I identify someone I want to hire, I send my talent team to make contact in person (i.e. stalk them haha), often literally with a tap on the shoulder.

Who do you think work for? The CIA?

Comment Re:Uhhhh (Score 1) 65

I would say you can define most of machine learning as statistical function approximation. I would also add that the theoretical justifications are indeed important and most good texts find some way to justify the computational methods described.

That said, there are many methods in the literature that are heuristic in nature and for which there are no obvious theoretical justifications.

Comment Re:Try being poor (Score 1) 444

It's always possible to reciprocate in other ways. Life becomes very bleak when every exchange is viewed as some kind of financial transaction. Part of the art of being poor is graciously accepting people's generosity without requesting it in the first place. If your friends feel badly about accepting your offer of a meal then, in my opinion, I would say their perspective is skewed.

Comment Re:Try being poor (Score 5, Interesting) 444

I think the rich don't want to be around the poor because of their preconceived notions about the poor. I am poor because I have a disability that destroyed my career and makes it nearly impossible to hold a job. While I sometimes stress about money, I am largely happy because I don't measure my self-worth by how many possessions I have or by the amount of money I have in my bank account. Positive relationships are more important. Doing something you love is more important. If the rich have trouble forming positive relationships or doing what they love because of how much money they have, then my suggestion would be to give it away.

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