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Comment Re:Couldn't have happened to nicer people... (Score 1) 381

And not just her; they threatened her god damned KIDS. What the fuck is wrong with these pathetic neckbeards? "I didn't like your story so I WILL MURDER YOUR CHILDREN WHILE THEY SLEEP AND THEN EAT THEIR FACES also ur fat lulz." People like that deserve a lot worse than a shitty game experience.

Comment Re:I have an idea. (Score 1) 173

How was this modded to 5? He's asking a large pool of people, only a very small percentage of which are going to have valuable insight into this particular question. But see "SAVE THE NERVES" below if you don't believe that AskSlashdot can be a useful resource for medical questions. It's a topic which has the potential to yield useful results for the poster, and it's valuable as content for the site because it's an interesting discussion even people who aren't in the market for a prosthetic limb. Nobody's going to choose this option over that based solely on the recommendation of some stranger from Slashdot, but he can (and I suspect will) come out of it armed with ideas and information that will be useful when talking to a doctor.

Comment Re:YAY I'm so glad!! (Score 1) 511

That isn't an excuse for adding punishment after punishment to crimes after conviction. And obviously this is only going to prevent registrants from using computers for legitimate purposes; if you're going to groom a kid to eventually track down and rape, you're not going to use the email address the state has to do it. It's simply not going to help kids like the victim in that case; the only way to protect kids from online predators is to educate them on online safety.

This is nothing but grandstanding so some politician can brag about how 'tough' he is on sex offenders. Right now peeing in public carries a de facto life sentence in some states, while you can be out and free to live your life however you please with no restrictions in a handful of years after brutally murdering someone. What does that say about us as a society?

Comment MD - roughly one hour wait, disorganized judges (Score 1) 821

Got in line around 9:20 and was out the door a little before 10:30. Judges were cheerful, friendly, enthusiastic and not even remotely on task. By the time I got to the front of the line the main bottleneck was the table where you gave your name and got your card, not the machines themselves; those judges had far too much downtime, imo, as voters were slowly brought over from a line halfway across the gym by a very sweet, very distractable lady. Little old lady who was trying to look up my name had some difficulty with her machine and needed help to get it working again, which left me standing at her station for a few minutes waiting for the problem to be resolved. By the time I got to the machines, the judges there had wandered off and I had to seek one out to escort me to one.

Was a bit of a fuss at one point with some lady demanding to see a 'head judge,' who of course was nowhere to be found, and a few judges talking about how there were 'a lot of problems today,' but I was still too far back in the line to get any idea what the issue was. So not my most frustrating voting experience ever, but not exactly a walk in the park, either. The judges could have used either a little more leadership or a lot more training.

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 2) 277

This worked for pre-industrial people because they tended to go to sleep earlier. As people started staying up later, they also tended to start sleeping through the night. And these people didn't set an alarm as a parent with a 3am feeding scheduled would, but woke naturally after a full sleep cycle. If you are awakened, rather than waking on your own, especially mid-cycle, you're going to feel worse.

The NYT article is better than the BBC one, imo. I think the idea here is (or should be) that not everyone is equally well adapted to the new sleep pattern, and that understanding the way we used to sleep may help understand some forms of insomnia. It certainly doesn't necessarily mean that we'd all be better off going back to the old pattern. Not that we could, anyway, without turning off the electricity at sundown - most of this is caused by increased light exposure. Without the pre-industrial light exposure you would still have your post-industrial hormone levels which are supposed to be making you want to sleep through the night. Your body is waking up ready to go, rather than giving you a nice dose of Prolactin to keep you relaxed, happy, and a little horny. :-p

Comment Re:it doesn't matter if he's a "real" racist or no (Score 3, Informative) 890

As I understand it the problem is not that someone named their personal router something offensive, it's that some unknown person renamed the community center's router something hateful and inflammatory. At least that's what I understand from TFA, although even in the quotes from locals there seems to be some confusion on the point.

Comment Re:Riiiiiight. (Score 1) 200

Exactly! And that means it shouldn't matter if they're being taught computer history or skills. So why not teach them the skills, and do it passionately? The computing classes I had in elementary school were taught by a parent. She didn't have any advanced degrees or special skills, but she loved computers and was excited about everything she introduced to us. I could have gotten better instruction from a better qualified teacher, but I wouldn't have cared about the material nearly as much without her enthusiasm. That class was the best thing about my week, and it wasn't just because I was a little proto-geek; she was teaching the class because she cared about the subject and wanted to share it with us, and that made us want to learn it.

Comment Re:if you're a guy, be self-effacing (Score 1) 473

The reason is because honest self-effacing shows a cool confidence. Making a show of confidence, however, actually shows insecurity. It's not what you say, it's what you display.

This. Thisthisthisthisthis. Chest beating doesn't get you noticed anymore. Well, it does, but not in the way you'd hope...

Modesty and 'knowing what you want' are not mutually exclusive. Maybe some women do want a guy they can feel superior to (although there are at least as many men with the same attitude.) But in ignoring messages from guys who 'toot their own horn' a little too much all they're is really doing is avoiding the ones who come across as needing to feel superior - to her, to other guys, whoever.

Comment Wasn't my idea... (Score 1) 497

When I started in my current job, I found that in the little office which I shared with one other person had 2 computers with monitors, three printers (one standard office printer and two specialty ones) one heavy duty shredder, a PDA with its charger, a set of assisted listening devices on a charging cradle, a two way radio, a standalone credit card processing thingy, a little space heater, a mini fridge (which served the entire office but for some reason lived under my desk) and a power strip on which everyone in the office charged their phones all running through the same outlet.

I put a stop to that, but mostly because there was nowhere to plug in my laptop...

Comment Re:Suspicious story (Score 1) 1343

If the gun was on a coffee table, it would have been just about at a toddler's eye level. She wouldn't have needed to pick it up (I agree that it would be way to heavy for an average toddler to handle easily) but if the gun was ready to fire and if, being familiar with her parents' realistic 'gun' controller for their video game console, she put her hand right into the trigger guard when she reached for it, she could conceivably have exerted enough force on the trigger to fire the gun at herself without ever actually getting it off the table.

I hope these folks (BOTH parents are equally responsible, IMO) rot in prison for allowing this little girl's death. Thumbs down to Slashdot, btw, for the headline ("suicide"???) and the 'dept' line, which is in particularly poor taste, not to mention for getting the victim's gender wrong.

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