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Comment Re:Only one real reason (Score 0, Troll) 329

big problem because they let the students at UCSC vote in city elections.

Ah, 26th? Yup, its a well known fact college-aged students have the highest voting turnout of any age group. That's why they are so well represented!

Those students are overwhelmingly liberal

Aren't most students, everywhere more liberal? Have you been to Santa Cruz, it's a republican enclave, for sure!

don't understand that you need a tax base

Yup, students are dumb... Liberals do not support taxes?

won't be around for more than 4 years

Yup, after 4 years they demolish the campus.

huge shopping mall

Sounds gorgeous, what town wouldn't want one.

weak argument that customers are driving through Santa Cruz in order to get to the mall

Many countries have Value Added Tax deductions for visitors, obviously creating that was a weak argument.

Comment Re:BREW has a lockout chip business model (Score 1) 116

Ahh, not true. You can grab the SDK now and compile with your heart's content for no cost. You can even use gnuarm to compile to device for no cost as well.
The test sig is the anti-piracy vehicle. It's not per compile, it's per device as each device as a unique id. One sig will last you about 6mo for all the applications you can build.

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