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Comment Re:I haz puppies? (Score 1) 231

The book was a tool to protest against "injustice" or whatever they're ticked about. They probably care about his opinion slightly less than I care about the opinion of the hammer I used to repair my fence, or the opinion of the wrench I used to disassemble my brake calipers.

Comment Re:NSA SELinux open source, in mainline kernel 12 (Score 1) 100

This is one of those eternal security arguments; without manually reviewing the code YOURSELF, and compiling the kernel from that manually reviewed code YOURSELF, it's "as far as you know." Maybe you do that, I don't know; I'm just aware that the security of my linux installs relies on a chain of trust, and even if that chain is 100% verifiable from source to binary, there's still no guarantee that there isn't an obfuscated back door or malicious code exploit that was overlooked.

Comment Re:It was dry, but not BAD like Phantom Menace (Score 1) 351

A few of the many, many things I really don't remember from "The Hobbit" or ANY of the corollary writings: Bilbo killing an orc during the fir tree scene. An amazingly drawn-out fight with orcs during the barrel escape. Orc battle in Laketown. The ridiculous Radagast scene with the Rhosgobel Rabbits which even my eight year old daughter thought was stupid. The movie Peter Jackson presented was an adaptation of "The Hobbit" inasmuch as it DID contain a hobbit, thirteen dwarves, a wizard, and a dragon, but that's as far as the similarities go.

Comment Re:we're already close to that! (Score 1) 380

When we're on the road we don't stop for an hour anywhere typically. So what you're saying is realistically it'll add 2 to 2.5 hours to my trip, since I'll have to find a power station with a bay open that I can use for a full hour, and hope it's not limited to a 10 minute top-off because of demand.

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