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Comment Re:I don't know about you yanks... (Score 1) 301

"If they want separate pricing, they should have to use separate names."

If you knew anything about economics, you'd know that the cost of living, running a store, etc. in different areas is drastically different, so pricing reflects this. In addition, the cost of shipping from a warehouse is substantially cheaper than running a brick-and-mortar store with retail employees, lawsuits ("My little girl hit her head on the counter!") and so on. As such, online purchases eliminate much of that overhead, allowing the company to offer items for less.

In-store pricing is based on supply and demand in the surrounding market, just like locally-owned stores are.

Sure, they need to be more clear about it, but the reasoning for charging different prices in different markets is justified provided you know a little about economics and aren't all "ZOMG CORPORATE ENTITY! BASH BASH BASH!"

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