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Comment Technology Explorer (Score 1) 287

<Disclaimer> I am the maintainer of this project and the comments here are of my own and no one else's </Disclaimer>

I run a small project called the Technology Explorer (

The Technology Explorer (TE) is a light weight web based framework for prototyping interactive database applications. Being a flexible and customization interface (think phpMyAdmin meets Drupal or Lego for database administrators), the TE allows for rapid development of UI driven processes and visualizations of database information in hours, whereas tradition processes might take weeks or month. The TE is primarily used as a teaching tool for IBM DB2 users as well as demonstrating and prototyping new interfaces. It is also used as a management consoled across a multitude of databases and database vendors (DB2, Derby, SolidDB, MYSQL and ORACLE (Were just starting to add PostgreSQL support)).

Were always looking for help to expand our library of content for different database vendors. It take a lot of understand of a given DBMS to be able to produce useful material. I would be thrilled if someone would be interested in writing tutorial for other vendors as we are currently mainly focused around IBM DB2.

Well there you have it, my plug. Were a small project, easily accessible, low barrier to entry and contributions and still lots room for growth. If your interested come on over and take a look.

Kari: There are a lot of things we really don't want you to try at home!
Tory: Yes, try it at your neighbor's house.

Comment Depends on the company and the software package. (Score 2) 228

If they have a good regression system setup, it will mean you will write a test case once and it will automatically run for you, and you are good, you will automate all of this is it is not already done. You will only go back to look at these if something breaks.

You will also likely get the specifications for a new component and a script and be expect to try all possibilities, the better once know how to program and thus do thing that they know we likely miss. Bad testers are a dime a dozen, good tester are golden.

Generally think about it like being the first customer and having to learn a new components all the time. A person who's job it is to figure out all the ways to use something within the rules given (not that much different then hacking, actually if you think about it hackers are just really good testers, they win when they find a bug).

Testers are also involved often in customer deployments and trials here where I work because they have the most experience using new software. Developers know how to write thing, testers know how to use it (Big difference).

In the end, you will make what you will of it. Go talk with them, all you have to lose is a bit of time.

Best of luck,

I'm a programmer not a English major, if you have a problem with my writing, write a better grammar and spell checker, then we can talk.

Comment UCOSP - Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Project (Score 2, Informative) 182

What you have is great but you should check out: and participate if you can.

I am mentor with the program and work with a small group of students on a project. The student get to work for an entire semester on an open source project producing or contributing things of real value. On top of that they learn how to work in a distributed environment, which is essential these days. Really it is just amazing for the students.

Comment Re:Oh get a sense of perspective FFS (Score 1) 285

Let me put on my tin foil hat here for a second...

1) Unknown extension
2) Online transactions (internet banking, e-bay, amazon, etc...)

This my not be a system rootkit but it has just as much potential to do just as much damage. As a vehicle to run any number of thing or provide an entry point to a system for something far more nefarious...

And I do use Ubuntu, but most of the world uses Windows, whether it be by societal force or inheritance.

Kari: There are a lot of things we really don't want you to try at home!
Tory: Yes, try it at your neighbor's house.

Comment DSLR camera & Google maps API (Score 1) 235

1. Digital SLR camera, pick your flavor, I like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II
2. Tripod to Stabilize the camera and allow for constant distances & angle (right angle) when shooting... Your going to want something with a center column so you can adjust the hight without adjusting the legs.
3. Some kind of ambient lighting to prevent shadows and so you can shoot at a low ISO (less noise) and a high f-stop
4. Stitching software like this: (If you are are using the tripod and keeping a constant distance any photo program should do.

Put map on a surface, take many photos, stitch, takes some time for the first one but it will be quick once you get going.

Old maps and geo coordinates...maybe a Google maps or earth API like this:

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