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Comment Copyleft (Score 1) 360

I do hope that I'm one of a million posters saying that copyleft is right and copyright is wrong. The patent and copyright systems are unethical and therefore counterproductive. Want your product produced immediately? Open it to the public. Want to be the foremost expert on a product you've designed? Open it to the public!

Good luck.

Comment Re:Economic Freedom (Score 5, Interesting) 1359

Oh, I definintely recommend the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom. Everyone must remember that economic freedom -is- personal freedom, and conservatism is the reduction of government. These words have become corrupted, as has the idea of "freedom". I urge you to consider the Heritage Foundation to be an excellent source of truth in our political world.

To answer the topic question, I want to remind you how much of a duty you have to your fellow countryman. If possible, you need to stand up and change things, as a country full of people who don't do that will get trampled on by the first bully it encounters. And bullies are the ones who crave power. As a last resort, though, "voting with your feet" is effective, so long as you're willing to fight for your principles in your new country.

And I love your sig. I need to remember that.

-Ben Vander Jagt, a Ron Paul and Campaign For Liberty supporter

Comment I have a lot of respect for Red Hat (Score 1) 199

I've been impressed by Red Hat's ability to consistently make money and perform well. They were one of the few profitable companies during the big .com bubble burst at the turn of the century, and it's good to see them repeat this success story.

For that reason, I think that Red Hat just won't be very appealing to a buyer who wants to interfere. I think the two most likely interested buyers would be squatters who just want a secure investment and therefore won't interfere or truly enlightened people who know the real power of a principled open-source support company.

I think they're likely to stay independent for some time, though, so long as they can stay under the radar of the government of the United Socialists of America.

Comment Re:"The only fireproof way of safeguarding your da (Score 1) 527

Hmm, it seems that the curie point for Iron is 768c while the melting point of aluminum is only 660c, though I bet flashing the surfaces of the discs with heat would demagnetize the iron without melting the aluminum. Me, I like using a set of precision electromagnets to systematically write data all over the drive in a seemingly natural pattern, such as someone repeatedly writing words over top of other words on a piece of paper. Of course, the precision electromagnets I'm talking about are the hard drive heads, and the data patterns I'm talking about are written by freeware hard drive wiping software. q-:

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