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Comment Re:That is just mental (Score 1) 339

Definitely off topic, but probably going to buy your book on the Amazon link you have since it actually sounds really good. As a budding sci-fi/fantasy author myself I'm very pleased to see we can still make ourselves known out there.

On topic, I also completely agree with everything in your post and was in the procress of writing much of the same when I came across yours.

Comment Re:Splash screen are evil (Score 1) 91

Functioned fine for eons...

though the exaggeration is apparent, I can state for a fact this is not the case. I stopped using ATi/AMD cards and switched to nVidia for just that reason. I used 2 ATI cards in the past, assuredly less than an eon ago... and had terrible issues with the Catalyst junk (at that time anyways). For years, all I would hear is how bad Catalyst is and how it just didn't work quite right.
Thankfully, time heals all wounds and the same for Catalyst. I don't hear that anymore from people actually technically proficient, I frequent and other tech forums, and with the most recent drivers the 7950/7970 are a great choice if you want performance. The Keplar hype has died down, and really all nVidia is really perfect for right now is efficiency for the performance.
I've been an nVidia fanboi for almost a decade now, and plan to go back to ATI for a 7950 here in a month or two. Stable drivers, good support, great power and strong, stable OC capability... for less money than nVidia. I see no diffinitive reason to stick with nVidia... the same reason I switched to Intel for my cpu after being AMD exclusive for almost a decade as well.

Comment Debunked... (Score 3, Interesting) 303

This came up on on the 12th, which spread into a large debate and was looked into by a member rather well. This is what he found:

"It's the journalist who is trolling. It's baseless nonsense with a sensationlist title. And he caught most of you hook line and sinker.

Just a few things you could notice if you take a moment to think it through.
All directives, proposals, studies and reports of EU law are publically available. All data must be openly published. So he would be able to link to any proposals.
Therefore "NordicHardware has seen exclusive information about a new energy law that will apply within the EU" is bullcrap.
Only link is to a report from 2007 which looks at possible means of reducing CO2 emissions.
That "buffer bandwidth" table in the middle of the NordicHardware article is based on data collected in 2006.
Report was part of an ongoing study but it hasn't been active since 2008.
The EU directive that the report relates to was recast in 2009, so it's not even valid reference material.
New directive took until December 2011 before publishing any report. You can read it here
"AMD is worried ..." with no explicit quote. Who said that? Why would they be worried about a report that hasn't resulted in any actual proposal.
Contrary to "Graphics card energy consumption has been rising steadily over the last couple of years" GPUs are actually getting more efficient.
"We definitely feel that restrictions that lead to more efficient hardware is a good thing, but it needs to be done properly with the affected companies being involved in the discussion." Journalist obviously doesn't realise that 110 stakeholders (affected companies) were present at the Meerp stakeholder meeting of 9 September 2011. Journalist also doesn't realise that AMD is listed as a stakeholder since at least 11 July 2011.
"According to a report published in August this year the current roadmaps [from AMD and Nvidia] does not support the new requirements..." If it was published, then why not link to it?"
This was provided by member WiSK on citing my source since I didn't do the research. Don't worry about this sensationalism...

Comment BS... (Score 3, Interesting) 1160

To this, I call BS. We still protect filth like the Westboro Baptist Church and KKK to host their hatred in whatever form they so choose. They are allowed to do as they please citing religious pretext or freedom of speech/expression, but we're not allowed to hinder them using the same freedoms they abuse.

Personally, I say suck it up and grow a pair. If your faith is so withered and weak that a few choice words from a 'non-believer' would incite you and your extremist buddies to slaughter wholesale, you deserve more than a few choice words.

I see it as no more than an excuse since the 'true' Islamic followers would be fine slaughtering the rest of the world one piece at a time until such a time that only believers or converts remain.. .as dictated by the core of their faith. Islam IS a plague on humanity and needs to be purged. If that leads to a 'holy war' of us vs them... so be it. Humanity will be better and stronger for it in the end.

It took WW2 to see the dangers of Hitler-esque beliefs and actions, and now we're encountering what is nearly the same exact thing, but from a faceless faith as a whole. 'True' Islamists are the new Nazis, but more extreme in the fact that now it is religious based and not race based.

As a race, we have recovered and advanced since WW2, and are much better off. We have balanced ourselves so that those with power are limited in the use, and abuse, of it to prevent a M.A.D. scenario from those able. Tossing such weak minded and bipolar folks into the mix with their own nukes or other WMDs would lead to much worse than WW2. They do not seek to conquer, but to destroy for the sake of destroying. Stop it before it starts. Tough decisions for tough times.
Rag on me, down vote me, whatever... the world is on a tipping point and I fully expect to see WW3 or it's equivalent before my time is up. I would not be at all surprised to see it led by the Islamic governments or the faceless masses blindly supporting it out of fear and brainwashing. All organized religion is dangerous in extremes, due to the urge to 'spread the faith' and 'save the non-believers'... but when the core beliefs include 'death to nonbelievers' or anyone who would say anything disparaging... that's a whole new playing field. Islam must go.

Comment Re:Dear Muslims, (Score 1) 515

Come on man, they're peaceful. Do you think they'll stand up against the extremists when all the extremist understand is hatred and murder in the name of a 'prophet'. They'll just nod their heads and say how sorry they are and how they're not like those horrible examples of their faith. Too bad those 'horrible examples' are those actually following the teachings of their faith to the T.

The whole idea is silly really. I don't subscribe to mainstream religion, but I am not without faith. At least Christianity picked a good leader for their faith. How much higher can you get than the Son Of God, who actually embodies God after he is killed.. to bad the 'Holy Trinity' isn't an original idea, nor is the concept of a demi-god, which is what Jesus was. Hell, Hercules was a demi-god, and IMHO, more impressive than Jesus. True, Herc did go a little insane... but he was tortured mentally... I think he actually suffered more than Jesus in the end. Jesus didn't even have a wife/family (suspect, but not proven), where Herc did.. and Herc was tricked into killing them. THAT is torture...
Taking that into consideration, what's so important about a 'Prophet' who has had their God speak to him? What REALLY makes Muhammad so important? There have been 'Prophets' for millenia who have had their respective Gods speak through them. Demi-god vs prophet... maybe Islam is just suffering from feeling belittled that they got one-uped by Christianity? Muhammad is nothing special... just a name for a faith to cry as they slaughter those not aligned with them. At least historically the Christians/Catholics have tried to be subversive (minus the Crusades, et al), while the Islamists have been the same since their inception.
You know why the Islamists are so eager to kill these young women and are so harsh to them? They have to send them to Heaven to stockpile the virgins so there's ample supply for all the 'martyrs' sending themselves up there in the name of their faith.
Congratulations Islam... you're last place in everything... at least you could have come up with a more convincing origin story.

Comment Re:Good job Germany... (Score 1) 89

I think it's kind of funny I got modded flamebait when the only part of my post which was negative was the shot at Germany in the first line. I'll admit, that was intentional.
The rest was actually explaining that we shouldn't be surprised to see REAL flamebait and Nazi references since this is a critical report on Germany.

I'm also quite aware that we're all monitored probably much more than we'd like or be even remotely comfortable with if we really knew.

Comment Good job Germany... (Score 1, Flamebait) 89

Way to set back your government back a generation.
I'm sure references are bound to be made towards Facsism, etc etc... but frankly... it just reinforces a bad stigma against Germany after all the bad thoughts already in place over the past 100 years.
Really though, I'm sure the US does this, but just isn't quite 'that' transparent yet.

Comment Heat Death (Score 1) 405

I would live until one of the uber-villians of the Marvel Universe causes the universe to end by heat death, the collapse and reincorporate it. I believe the Anti-Monitor had a goal somewhere along these lines? I don't remember, but several in that sci-fi universe had claimed to have lived through the creation of the current uni/multi-verse.
Of course though.. my first vote would have been death by Snu-Snu... but apparently that's played out quite a bit already lol.

Comment Re:A year already? (Score 5, Insightful) 420

I certainly don't like Apple, and didn't like Jobs... but I completely understand why he did what he did, and the vision he had. He gave an interview on NPR I listened to, where he basically laid it all out. He was emulating his father and ideals he and his father shared. Make everything come together and function together. The walled garden approach the Apple embodies has it's ups and downs like any other business model. The major flaw, imho, is their approach and implementation. Jobs was a severely flawed person, and in a seat of power to make his flaws more glaringly apparent, with fuel for the fire.
I say let the man rest in peace, and let Apple go where it may. Apple will NEVER advance if they keep trying to emulate Jobs. Jobs was not Apple, and Apple can and will survive without him. But now, they have the opportunity to change.

Comment Re:Actual Fusion (Score 1) 178

i was actually getting ready to post something just like this lol.
Can you imagine... the govt actually supporting the greater good and advancement of society at the rate we're actually capable of. The gov't holds us back in so many ways in the name of the almighty dollar that we're at least 100 years behind the tech and societal curve we should/could be at.
Of course, i guess we're all to blame for allowing it to happen the past 80 or so years at least.

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