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Comment Re:Convince the Truck Buyers (Score 0) 293

I doubt it. My 50k F150 won't be replaced by a 100k+ electric car. I can tow for 300-400 miles fill my tank and go for another 300-400 miles. Until they get Mileage, Cost, and Recharge time under control they aren't going to be taking any major part of any truck business. Even with cars they have a very small percentage of ownership and most of those are just people that want to go "Look at the toy I got".

Comment Re:It followed a few of the plot lines, but ... (Score 0) 726

You mean you don't like reviews where the person starts off with something like "I don't like this kind of movie". I find it more useful to look at reviews from normal people. Critics seem to try to put to much on the technical aspects of it. I just want to know was it enjoyable? If its based off a book did it do the book justice or did they cut it to ribbons to make it fit? Starship Troopers was an enjoyable movie, but even knowing they they are going "Based on the book" I can't even see it as such. Vrs something like Ender's Game where they kept enough to make you think of the book the whole time but then cut out all of the details that build the story.

Comment Re:Hitchhiker's Guide (Score 0) 732

Yeah I loved Hitchhiker's Guide. The movie made sub cuts but was still pretty close to the book. Ender's Game is the first movie I almost walked out of. They glossed over way to many characters that were important in the book. Heck for a comparison I think Battlefield Earth was closer to the book version than Ender's Game was.... My wife has only read Ender's Game once 10 years or so ago and even she went "Yeah not seeing this again and not buying the DVD". I mean she bought the DVD for Battlefield Earth for crying out loud...

Comment Re:Down the line... (Score 0) 248

You do realize that the cable company has nothing to do with the commercials right? The cable company has a contract with the station to provide the chnl at $x.xx cost per customer. The chnl/station decides on commercials and the shows that are on. What happens when the commercial revenues are down? That is when you see chnls dropped because the station goes "Well we want 200% more than what you paid in the past 5 year contract". The cable company is just a go between for people and every station that is out there. I know I heard at some point that one of them looked at Al La Cart Tv and the station all jacked their prices so high that 10 chnls was the same cost at the 200 chnls people get now.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 0) 867

like what? That you walk to the street? Or that you pickup from some central location? As far as going to the street it depends on the area. Around me its all curb mailboxes unless your are in a condo/Apt. But go to my parents and all the mailboxes are mounted box the door so the mailman walks the whole neighborhood to deliver.

    Personally I don't see an issue with having to get your mail from the box out at the road. Assuming you aren't going to do something stupid like say deciding that all mailboxes need to be on the same side of the road so someone is gonna have to play frogger to get their mail. As far as the centralized delivery goes that is a stupid idea. If we are going that far just make people pickup the mail from the post office directly and then you can fire all the postal drivers.

Comment Re:It's a flawed way to keep a site up. (Score 0) 978

I gotta agree with you. I don't run ad-block just NoScript but it blocks 90% of the adds anyways because they are all flash/java. I'm fine with a pic or text. The issue is so many sites now either have stuff that plays music on its own or when you mouse over the add all of the sudden you have a full screen add with video playing. When I load a site and the adds cause the site to load slow, or on my older comps cause the computer to run slow then I have no way to view those ads. Heck sometimes I could live with flash adds but so many sites that have 1 flash ad end up having 5 more on the same page. Its just more than I want to deal with.

Comment No suprise there... (Score 1) 569

Sorry I got burned on Diablo 3. I love Sim City but I will never buy another single player game that requires an internet connection to their servers just for me to play. Because years down the road when they decide "Hey its not worth running this anymore" they will pull the plug and then you have a game that is no longer playable. Either that or the servers were always down when I went "Well its my day off lets go play for a bit".

Comment Pfft.... (Score 0) 357

Do what I do. I pickup the phone book. Walk to the side of my garage and throw them in the trash can. I don't need or use them. I can't remember the last time I even opened a phone book. If they want to waste money printing and sending it to me more power to them. I'll keep doing the same thing.

Comment The thing is... (Score 0) 573

The average consumer doesn't want to pay for even $70 for internet. People don't seem to get that. Yeah /. thinks its great but it will never make it everywhere unless they offer something cheaper because grandma that just wants to email and play on Facebook isn't going to pay $70 for 1Gbit when she could pay $29 for low level DSL or Cable. Same with the high level TWC services. I've got the 50 down 5 up around Dayton Ohio. Speeds are fine. But other than when I'm downloading a ton unless I'm downloading a torrent or from a download site I almost never max out the connection. I can have 4-5 people downloading and a game server running without having anyone have a slowdown. If I don't need the game server soon tho I will drop down to 15 down 1 up service since I could download just fine on it as well.

Comment Re:Combining the stories (Score 0) 609

Reading the story it sounds like he was told "You only need to change it for an hour at low power charger because the battery will gain back some charge once it warms up". So he only changed it for an hour assuming that they know that it would gain back enough charge to make it to his destination. Assuming he is telling the truth it sounds like it didn't gain back as much charge and the Tesla rep was expecting it would. At no point did they go "Well it says you can go 32 miles so that's plenty". As for the other reviews not having issues lets ask this did they have the same weather and everything? If not then maybe the weather was to blame? Maybe they are bias the other way and they gave it a better review than it should have received?

Comment Well.... (Score 0) 274

Makes my purchase choices easier. I got Diablo 3 and I will never get another game that requires a new connection for single player. Having server downtime for maintenance or being unable to play if the net is down has been to much of a pain when 90% of my play has been single player.

Comment Re:Stuggling versus mediocrity actually (Score 0) 196

lol thats funny. When I was talking about this with my wife the first thing she said was "Didn't they buy Origin and run UO into the ground?" Was a great game to play but once EA was involved it just went down hill. They would go to make something and the go "But we can't do this it might pull people away from UO?!". Like with UO 2.

Comment Re:DLC? really? (Score 0) 357

Yeah but how else would they fleece the masses for extra money? What happened to a good game that you could replay and maybe a year or so later get an addon or something else that had been made after the first game was finished. Its why I buy almost no new games anymore. I get sick of the "Oh look we made a new game! Oh and btw while making the game we took a bunch of extra stuff out and if you want it you can buy it for extra the day you get the game!"

Comment Re:Not an assault rifle (Score 0) 666

You know I was thinking about that on my way home from work. I just got a Ruger 10/22 rifle w/ wood stock for plinking at the range, and was thinking "You know if I take this and put it next to the same type of gun just with the tactical rails/synthetic stock someone would say that the tactical looking one was more dangerous." Even though they are the same guns and would shoot the same .22 cal someone would complain that it was a horrible thing to sell/buy.

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