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Comment Re:X has unrealistic expectations about Y (Score 1) 544

In other news, I hear a bunch of buggy makers expect to be able to pass their trade down to their grandson.

That's a sound plan if you live among Mennonites or Amish. I live in Waterloo, ON, and the nearby supermarket has a horse shed in the parking lot. Last time I checked buggies cost more than the used car my family owns.

Comment Re:Is it enough? (Score 2) 521

Is the sum enough to live in Ontario?

Yes, the basic income amounts are technically correct for individuals and small families in Ontario.

Single students outside of major cities (i.e., not in Toronto) go by on $12-15k/year. That's in a dorm or cheap studio. I had an exchange student with spouse and small kid who lived as a family on $24k, for a year. No frills absolutely but they rented a basement apartment and were generally okay. This assumes that one does not ever want to have anything above the minumum, very rarely travels long distance, does not acquire any expensive hobbies or interests, and does not get into any trouble medically or otherwise (or that any nontrivial contingency is truly 100% covered by welfare). Some flexibility to move to areas with less expensive housing may also be required. However for families with multiple kids significantly more than $24k is needed, if the kids are to have decent upbringing (such as have own rooms at home and some experiences outside of those provided by the school system).

Comment Re:YES!! (Score 1) 174

I did not have deny in robots.txt at the time the site was crawled. I do not mind if does not cache the "domain for sale" page, but why should the new owner be able to delete the entire history from the previous domain owners?

People abandon useful resources and domain names for many life reasons. To begin with, we all die. Companies change. Organisations change. Life priorities change. In my case the reason not to reinstate is the sheer lack of time: things are scripted for that domain name and it would take time to reconfigure that. Even if I did, once I die or become demented it would meet the same fate, the domain name will fall into someone else's hands. Internet archive is an extremely important public resource to cover for all that.

Comment YES!! (Score 5, Insightful) 174

I applaud the direction internet archive takes. They should fully implement it.

A year ago one of my domain names was stolen, through negligence of the registrar. The site was a non-profit resource that I maintained for the past 15 years. The squatter who now owns the name put deny all in robots.txt. As the result the website with some quantity of useful information has totally disappeared from existence and from the archive record.

I do not see sufficiently important reasons to remove information that was once in public access. There are some reasons, however the public benefits of having access to all past public information outweigh all them.

Comment Re:Peer Review is a Joke (Score 1) 149

Requiring an exact replication of every experiment won't be doable. Reasons are multiple but to begin with this would have doubled the cost of science and slowed it down. What works in practice is that important published experiments that do not replicate eventually get noticed (as people try to build on the published results), and the reasons they do not replicate are found. Sometimes the reasons are interesting and uncover new effects and new science. Rarely the reason is fraud, in which case the group and authors who did it acquire a reputation (and may lose a career). The process takes time, but we have not found a more efficient way to conduct science. If the fraud were more prevalent we might need to resort to your scheme. However an outright scientific fraud is thankfully rare.

Comment Re: Oh Look... (Score 1) 149

I agree. They probably don't consider this to be a fraud or a big deal, because this is a kind of acceptable practice in that country at that time. I have seen citation spam from a Chinese referee: the review contained nothing but 10 suggested citations to his/her own work. I have seen a colleague professor from another country (not China but that region) copy-paste from other papers and thinking that was okay. The latter was a nightmarish scenario, I could lose my faculty position if this slipped through and got published. In the 90s in Russia it was fashionable to buy PhD degrees so many politicians and business leaders had theses containing blatant plagiarism, sometimes close to 100% the content. Now there is a grassroots-led crackdown on that but it's hard to strip the holder of these degrees, owing to various legal obstacles. Ethics is what one can get away with.

This is not to say the journal should have not acted. They did it right, at last.

Comment Re:multiple languages vs local language (Score 1) 69

If this is a real security issue, displaying both domains sounds like a non-elegant but working solution. The punicode domain should be displayed where the domain name usually is, and decoded version in the right half of the address bar. Ditto for mouse holdover pop-ups.

IE's approach seems to be to silently block these URLs from opening, which is also bad.

Comment Re:Not the first problem with bootcamp (Score 1) 116

P.S. Dust accumulation leads to poor cooling, in all notebook designs. Try to carefully blow some compressed air in the ventilation slits, or remove the back cover and blow everything over. You'd be surprised how much dust and lint flies out. This practically has to be done every year in most notebooks, to keep them performing properly. Be careful not to apply too much air pressure and not break the fan blades. MacBook Pro fans are quite strong, but I have seen fans in other cheaper notebooks broken apart by blowing on them.

Comment Re:Not the first problem with bootcamp (Score 1) 116

Totally disagree. Ventilation and fans are absolutely the best engineered aspect of MacBook Pro Windows notebooks! It is one of the main reasons to buy this hardware. It runs inaudibly with most normal light uses (browsing, document editing, watching full-screen movies). The fans only start being audible when there's something heavy to do.

Bettery life under Windows in 4 h (light use), 3.5 h (medium-load work like Photoshop editing). That's not as long as MacOS but plenty good enough for me. Heavy gaming can speed up the fans to maximum and run the battery down in 1.5 h, but that's not normal work.

I must note however that the fans are apparently managed by the OS. When I tried to run compressed disk image backup in some linux distro (pigz using all 8 cores), the machine simply overheated and powered down. That never happens in Windows, though.

Comment Not the first problem with bootcamp (Score 1) 116

Obviously Apple has put a limited effort into bootcamp. I'm running Windows 7 (natively booted) on late 2013 model. Gripes:

- I've remapped some keys using Windows built-in functionality, and the reaction time on these remapped keys is slower. It misses normal duration keystrokes, so I have to be extra slow for these keypresses to register.
- After waking up from sleep it clings onto the last active wifi network for tens of seconds, sometimes minutes, before realising the machine has just woken up in a different location and it's time to connect to another wifi. (Manually disconnecting from network helps but why the hell won't it do this pronto authomatically like my last Asus?)
- After connecting to different wifi networks a few times, it stops recognising any and requires a reboot.
- After disabling the wifi device (e.g., in an airplane), 30% chance it won't reenable and will require a reboot.
- I could never get Windows to recognise the built-in SD reader.
- It does not remember the keyboard backlight setting on reboot. Resets it to default.

Comment Quiet ventilation + 2 TB SSD + 15" IPS (Score 1) 315

I think I have no alternative. Prove me wrong. I want a notebook that

- does not overheat when placed atop a bed / pillow (i.e., NO ventilation holes at the bottom, which instantly rules out 95%+ of the notebook market)
- runs inaudibly quiet with perfect low-speed fans, most of the time
- has 2 TB SSD
- 15" or larger IPS hi-res screen
- can be powered from airliner power socket; I see some high-ends that consume crazy 200-240 W and make turbine fan noise when running, while the fuse in airplanes trips at 80-90 W.

I think MacBook Pro 15" is the only one that nails all these requirement. Too bad Apple does not make 17" model; I would buy that no matter the price.

Comment Re:Apple is a software company (Score 1) 299

As someone happily usung MBP with Windows only, I disagree. The hardware is best. It is not perfect, but no competitor pays that much attention to detail and overall ergonomic package.

I am disappointed too by the lack of hardware versatility (expensive to repair, proprietary SSD, latest snafu with ports), but I understand the tradeoffs.

Comment Re:Bye, MagSafe (Score 1) 191

If you ask me, good riddance of this annoyance that gets disconnected every time I twitch the machine on my lap. BUT I have no less than eight magsafe 90 W power supplies installed: 5 in different rooms of my house, 1 in office and 2 in the lab at work. The moment I upgrade to the new Mac all that goes to trash, and in case of the lab will have to be duplicated (as several of my students use older Macs).

Now, it has 2 TB SDD which I want, but no word if the SDD is sold separately and is backwards-compatible with the previous models.

I kind of getting the point of my colleagues that Macs are inflexible and overpriced. I am beginning to doubt my next notebook will be Mac.

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