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Comment Re:Good solution (Score 1) 983

Actually the answer to that is no. If the person being dangerous does not make them a imminent threat to life. For that to be true, they have to be an active threat at that moment. If he is cornered in a parking garage not actively shooting at any one, he does not represent a imminent threat to life. Dangerous yes, but not a imminent threat.

Comment Re:That sucks (Score 1) 276

Really? I remember recently the really half assed article below was brought to my attention. This is so far from being unbiased or even vaguely researched it is funny. The author did no research into SBS and constantly describes something that is very federally illegal as if it was legal to do.

That article is also far from the first time I've seen them do something like this.

Comment Re:How in the hell is this a DEBATE? (Score 1) 45

> The second problem is suppliers that want to sell you something prepackaged in a rack that is not water cooled. Trying to explain to them that you don't want their shitty none water cooled rack is in my experience is like taking to a brick wall. Another reason why you probably still need air handling units. That said our doors are currently providing net cooling to the room, that is inlet temperature at the front of the rack is higher than the outlet temperature at the back.

What bloody suppliers?

Only a handful of companies sell products that include a actual rack and from my DC experience over the last decade, few companies buy those.

If you mean buy a massive group of blade servers? HP, Dell, or Supermicro really don't care what sort of rack they are going into... although Dell and HP would prefer to sell you their brand of cabs...

Comment Re:That was quick (Score 1) 77

Follow the money. EuroDollarPounds will always expedite a process when there's more money on one side than the other.

The sad fact of this matter is this new DC makes more noise than what was present, a clear backward step. Regardless of the industry, the planners should be aiming for a higher standard from everyone. There's no reason why a DC needs to make any noise outside the building itself.

Silent HVAC? So basically a miracle then?

HVAC is a standard minor background noise for any modern urban setting. It is no noisier for a DC than it is any generic office building.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 259

The two major rail lines are actually one major rail line that happens to split right at Evanston, so it is great if the place you want to go is Chicago. . . . I am not familiar with the bus service in Evanston, but I am familiar with bus service in other Chicago suburbs and I can tell you that it is a miserable experience that adds an hour to your commute.

The UP-N Metra Rail line goes through Evanston between downtown Chicago and Kenosha, Wisconsin, so you can get to a lot of north shore towns and Chicago neighborhoods on that line (though you will probably need to be picked up by someone in a car at the Metra station if you go north)

Also Evanston has three CTA "L" lines (the Skokie Swift Yellow Line, the Evanston Express Purple Line, and the Howard Street Red Line) that all go to Chicago. So, yes, other than Skokie, you can't get to many suburbs on those lines.

Evanston borders Chicago, so a lot of the buses are extensions of Chicago's CTA buses. Again, good for getting to places in Chicago, if slow. Pace buses to get to other suburbs are reliable, but, in my limited experience, exceedingly infrequent and slow.

I think they will find that by becoming more dense, they will substitute the upper middle class people and the high property (and property tax) values for a larger number of lower income people with low property values.

It is actually going the other way, with lower income residents complaining that they are getting pushed out by gentrification.

Speaking as some one who lives in Chicago and is familiar with the Pace buses... the system is fucking useless. It is the sort of bus system the re-enforces car usage as soon as one can afford to, they stop using it.

Comment Re:Kimber (Score 1) 469

> They're big concerns with the 1911, too. Even a commander-style pistol is still plenty heavy. And the 1911 has extra stuff to go wrong, especially if you load it up with an extra safety as Kimber does (along with many others.)

Unless you are talking about Kimber or some other drek 1911 show piece, series 70 1911s are great. 1911s don't become unreliable till you get some one who wants something fancy and with out rattle.

> Well, they cited the issue of fitting the hands of smaller shooters, so in the modern day none of these firearms are really applicable. They should probably be looking at a SIG.

This honestly is a load of crap. I own one and a 1911, both of which can be handle by some one small and with small hands perfectly well. I thought my sister to shoot and she is like 100 pounds soaking wet and did not have a problem with either.

In fact for small hands the M9 is way better for the some one small hands than the 1911 given the location of the slide release. With out a extended slide release, the 1911 can be a bit awkward for some.

If they think a M9 is to large, they are really fucked when it comes to choosing any modern side arm, unless they want a small cartridge in a single stack magazine.

> H&K M&P .45, then. The trigger is considered to be not that great, but there are mods that improve it, so perhaps with a little revision it would make a nice piece. Three grip sizes, external extractor. However, they're going to want to stick with 9mm because of the cost consideration, and the modern style of never using one bullet when five will do.

Any major cartridge, .45 ACP/9x19mm/10mm Auto/.40 S&W, all work fine from everything I've read. You don't see an issue till you drop down to like .380 ACP.

Comment Re:As long as you don't use page breaks (Score 2, Informative) 91

I actually would not consider this ready for every day use. It does not even play nicely with what I have at home as the following are broken.

1: It can't handle multiple columns.
2: No real support for index work.
3: Can't create tables or modify number of columns/rows.
4: No header/footer support.
5: No footnote support.
6: Embedded images tend to overlap text.
7: The equation stuff is not supported.

That said this is still bad ass and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

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