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Comment Re:Why remove? (Score 1) 161

I'm not really sure what the hell the article is talking about. Unless you have disabled UAC, Sidebar.exe is running always under an unprivileged account. Take a look using Process Explorer and you will see that the "administrators" group is denied to that process.

Hell, at least on Windows 8, you can't even try to run it as an administrator. It spawns an unprivileged child process to run it if you do.

Comment Re:Didn't Google do this first? (Score 1) 498

I guess either there is a typo, or I don't really get the functional difference between searching "local drive" and "computer". I guess you *could* search the CMOS and the video card memory, but what is the benefit?

And Google Desktop only searched locally. I thought the same thing, but a quick trip through Wikipedia reminded me that it was only a computer search function.

Comment Re:what about the metric time system? (Score 1) 284

Are you referring to the table that is titled "Non-SI units accepted for use with the International System of Units"?

Metric Time != Acceptable non-SI units
"Metric time is the measure of time interval using the metric system, which defines the second as the base unit of time, and multiple and submultiple units formed with metric prefixes, such as kiloseconds and milliseconds. It does not define the time of day, as this is defined by various time scales, which may be based upon the metric definition of the second. Other units of time, the minute, hour, and day, are accepted for use with the modern metric system, but are not part of it."

Now, not disputing that you can use them as a SI-style base, but wasn't the point of SI was easier math? No crazy unit conversions, just move a decimal point around. Diving by 60, 24 and 365 and etc. is ugly and on top of that, things don't exactly line up either. How long do you consider a year (Hint, there are several acceptable lengths of time as an answer)

I guess computers *do* use SI in the aspect that time is generally done in 10ms quantum's, or whatever your particular OS uses.

Comment Re:Double strandards (Score 0) 181

I have an Android phone and a Windows Mobile 6 phone. Granted, I don't run many things on the WMP6 device, but I can tell you that when I need to make a call, it is the phone I reach for 100% of the time. Better call quality, less random reboots, and overall it works better as a phone. I sync it automatically so I have no fear of losing it besides getting stuck buying a newer phone.

I did quite a bit of travel with it and loved it. Since I am with a non-national carrier, when I am away from my home state I don't have a preferred tower, I grab whatever I can get from at&t, us cellular or T-Mobile. I loved being able to walk into the NYC or Boston subway system talking on my phone while getting angry glances from iPhone/Android users with their nice shiny brick.

Now, I've had this phone since mid 2007, and have never once deleted a text message (minus spam) and my pm.vol file (backing store for text messages) was somewhere around 120MB last I looked. Text messaging functionality sometimes gets slow and can take 30 seconds or so for the message to open. Having been through two long term relationships over the life of the phone with women who loved to text has a lot to do with that, but I place the same value in the old messages as I do photos.

Net of it is that I really want a new WM7 phone because I think the interface is better (I use a 360 and have Win8 preview running on my laptop) and want the connectivity it gives me to my other entertainment devices (phone, Xbox , PC). I'm sure the SmartGlass feature will work on my Android device at some point, but also am sure that it will be flakey, inconsistent and overall useless. I hate my touch keyboard on it, and honestly would use the keypad for the 360 before my phone to input text.

Long term, any bets on if Nokia becomes the vendor of choice for Windows 8 tablets? I can see the WM7 app market growing rapidly with the cross development from the PC market and Nokia is really positioned nicely right now for the benefits of that.

Comment Re:Quoth Gruber... (Score 2) 181

Because the last time someone hacked a Sony product it ended up swell for him...

No, wait, it was a horrible, horrible mess that paved the way to having such a bad public image that when your network is pwned the collective response wasn't of outrage, but of a giant "Ha-Haa!!!" (in Nelson's voice, of course).

The issue is that consumers have a stupidly short memory when it comes to pain. How many times have you gotten called to fix a computer for someone, clean out the massive amount of porn related viruses/Trojans and get called back a week later for the same issue? Doesn't matter how many times you tell someone don't go to those sites, they still do. Why? It's because they forget the pain of losing all their crap and want the rewards of porn. Doesn't help there that it's related to a biological urge, but still.

Long term the whole PSN hacking issue will probably end up making Sony money. If anything, it brought them into the news and made them seem relevant at the time Apple and Nintendo were still getting a lot of press on their products.

People don't care. I myself have a Sony HD TV. Got it as a throw away from a friend who got it replaced due to Sony's faulty 3LCD projection light engine. A little cleaning and a replacement with some optical filter glass and its good as new. Same with the PS3 I have. The Blu-ray drive is dead, but works awesomely as a media player. Since it's on a private network dedicated to just media systems at home, it never gets on PSN. I have avoided updating it so it still runs Linux if I want, but generally I have such a low tolerance of their products that I really don't mess with it. I stream video using PS3Media Server and it works well doing what I want it to do.

I've had 3 Sony receivers. All died in a time frame that I consider short (but of course longer then the warranty period). I had a Sony stereo in my car. Even after having it replaced by Best Buy, it still skipped and had a 'tinny' sound to the music. MP3 playback was garbage. Add the TV, the 100% of my friends who had to replace their PS3 (ok, it's only 3 friends who own one, and all 3 had to replace, but still; compared to the 30% of my friends who have 360's and had to replace them, but on Microsoft's dime, not theirs) and you start seeing a trend of declining quality. I grew up with a father who told me "You can buy better, but you at least got a Sony". It probably is the reason that I have taken the abuse as long as I have. I'm sure I will have Sony products in my house and will continue to consume media/entertainment made in part by them, but will never choose a Sony product over a comparable product again.

They are now "Oh man, I had to get a Sony".

Comment Re:California (Score 1) 1165

Yeah, but the problem is that once it passes in California, if and when there is a drop in crime you will see every other state use that as a reason to pass it. California generally does what it wants on its own and others follow. See CARB for an example of California regulations basically becoming federal (most aftermarket car parts are either CARB compliant , or not street legal anywhere.)

Now if this law primarily acts as a multiplier to other crimes (such as how weapons in robberies adds mandatory time to it) instead of using it to harass legal owners I'd support it.

And, just to be fair, things like airbags in cars could be a drop in for your complaint (minus the NRA link). It has added expense to cars, makes repairs more expensive (generally if the airbags deployed is the cutoff for repair/replacement from insurance), makes modifications harder (aftermarket steering wheels, issues w/ where the sensors are located for replacing front ends, etc.). It has made car ownership harder, but how has this impacted the used car market? 10 years from now it will be almost impossible to find a used car without airbags. Now granted you can own a car without airbags, but it is also prohibited in some areas from selling a car that came with airbags without them.

Now the serial number might add overhead to gun sellers. But as with almost every other manufacturing process, there will be improvements in the process, and I'd be surprised if 10 years from now if this adds even 1% to the overall cost of manufacturing.

Comment Re:utter pointlessness (Score 1) 1165

Agreed. Criminals are generally stupid and have zero forethought. But any law is practically worthless to anyone with either a) Brains, or b) Money.

Fingerprints are much the same way. Painfully simple to work around (gloves? Even O.J. knew that) but still a ton of criminals fail to wear them. Personally, if something like this only adds time to a criminals punishment, it would help to keep violent offenders behind bars longer.

Comment Re:utter pointlessness (Score 1) 1165

Well, for one, defacing the firearm you use to kill someone would show prior intent, and intent is the difference between 2nd degree murder and 1st (in most jurisdictions).

For an example of my concern, take this example:
Douchebag husband beats wife. He also, being a paranoid %#@$, replaced the legal firing pin with an unmarked one (or filed it down). Now, wife is afraid for life, uses gun on husband and kills him. Should be a case of self defense, but the question of who changed the firing pin now makes it a criminal case, and the poor woman now has more drama to deal with before trying to get her life back.

I guess my concern isn't the cost. Who cares, you can pick up a shotgun for next to nothing at a pawn shop.
And generally criminals are dumb and get caught.

Now, if the technology allows, I'd support the way guns worked in Judge Dread. If the gun could take a DNA sample and imbed it in the round to have an actual one-to-one matching of a spent round and a shooter, that would be a different issue.

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