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Comment! (Score 0) 55

Sorry, 'Young Frankenstein' hangover.

That said, Apple could do something potentially cool.

The recent Pokémon Go craze showed that, given the right stimulus, a large segment of the population will act like lemmings. And spend money to do it.

If Apple comes up with some kind of SUPER TWITFACE VR app, and monetizes it, you heard it here first.

Comment Re: No. (Score 4, Interesting) 207

I'm 60, and was sick a great deal from about 3-8. I was taught a speed reading method to keep up with my class. I also have extraordinary memory skills...not quite Marilu Henner...but close.

So, I tend to have great retention which has been a blessing and a curse. I mean, school was stupidly easy so I never learned how to study or do research; I could just read the material and take the test.

Speed reading is good for some folks, I'd say. But, it may cause you to be a little lazy and undisciplined.

Comment Paging Elon Musk...can I get a seat on the next Ma (Score 1) 784

My son is 30. He was raised by a very protective Dad. That said, he was allowed lots of latitude, including walking home from school.

He also trained at our dojo with mostly law enforcement and military folks from age 9. When he was 12, he got his arm broken at Black Belt me. It was an accident in a close combat drill.

Based on the knee jerk BS from CPS and the police in the article, I'd be in jail and even worse, separated from my boy.

At this point, I'm looking for the exit....

Comment Hacky sack (Score 1) 580

We could start with not calling this a hack. It was espionage and theft, aided by humans on the inside as evidenced by the specific target vectors inside sloppy code.

Calling this a hack gives it credence it shouldn't have AND lets Sony off the hook somewhat. It's MUCH better, apparently, to say "we wuz hack-ed!" instead of the more truthful "we are cheap and stupid folks with some of the worst IT policies on Earth!"

Comment Re:"Patent Holder"?! (Score 1) 178

Ditto. I own 3 TiVos, 2 with CableCards and one doing OTA. Used and/or built all sorts of crap...TiVo wins, period.

The IOS app is very good; love being able to manage recording on the road. Have the Desktop Plus software and gotten good use with it.

My home theatre setup is quite good and flexible; TiVos make it work well. 6 tuners? Sounds like my Series 3 HD is heading to retirement/backup status!

Comment Re:Oh the humanity! (Score 1) 139

Due to a misunderstanding with European contractors, Oklahoma City's new data centre was only designed to handle very light breezes of up to 310 meters per hour (m/h), and collapsed moments after construction was completed. When asked how they could confuse "MPH" with "m/h", the response was "wast ist eine 'mile'?". Full story at 11...

Well besides the 'super' Data Center, Devon built a 900+ high glass tower in downtown OKC. The building took a near miss last night.

The funny thing about the Tower is that when driving in from the airport, it looks like downtown is giving you the finger. This thing dominates the skyline and also engineered to deal with tornadoes. Almost got a pop quiz Friday night. I wonder how much damage the acres of glass the thing is covered with would do if it were hit. "The building is still standing although everything in a mile radius did an impromptu episode of 'Will It Blend?'"

Comment Re: This solves ? (Score 1) 558

It in fact, solves nothing, IMO.

For the record, I grew up using guns, I'm a Viet Nam vet, a retired MMA instructor, and a decent-to-great shot with a variety of guns.

I currently own exactly zero guns. I'm neither pro or con on gun control.

Technology, legislation, background checks, drones, arming (or disarming) Grandma - completely pointless.

The elephant in the room is that the basic human contract is screwed the hell up. We just don't treat each other very well, period. If every handgun on Earth magically disappeared overnight, we'd just switch to butcher knives, baseball bats, or bazookas by lunch time. We have 'The Emperor's New Clothes' on REPEAT on the Human Race TiVo; 2nd Amendment, dead children, media overload, NRA, etc. because we can't find that little kid to shout "Hey, the fat guy is buck naked!"

Just an observation, kids. Flame and/or ridicule; dealer's choice.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 4, Interesting) 710

Decline? It's shit like this that gets me into theatres. Before Avatar came out, I hadn't seen a movie in a theatre in a decade. Since Avatar came out, I saw it, Up and Star Trek, all 3 in 3d, and two of three in IMAX. If you're not showing off top of the line equipment, I'll just watch it at home.

If my local theatre can display The Hobbit in 48FPS, I will attend. If they do not, I will not. Simple as that.

Amen. I have better sound, video, and a pause button at home. Plus, the local metroplex wasn't keen about my showing up in jammies and slippers.

However, they do have a brand new IMAX theatre, so films like The Dark Knight Rises will get me there. The other draw is an adults-over-21 area with 2 screens that serve food and liquor. The food and drink are overpriced and mostly lousy BUT no teenagers with cell phones and nicer seating is terrific. Without one or the I don't have at home (yet)...or a dumbass free environment, I'm keeping my butt and dollars at home.

I will check out one or two films shot at 48fps, especially if one is The Hobbit, and see what I think. My local theatre is very good at the latest gear upgrades and I expect they'll go with the 24-48fps costs if it's at all feasible.

Comment Re:Am i just too stupid to understand kickstarter? (Score 3, Interesting) 158

I don't understand kick starter. If you fund a project you don't get any shares and don't get to share in the profit, and if the person leading the project blows all the dough on ale and wenches you can't interject any authority right?

Sounds like its for suckers sorry. Why not find a bright young person and partner with them to try and get something great done? Is it just because kick starter is easier to fire and forget some cash on?

I have coughed up $$ to 4 different projects on Kickstarter and don't regret any. One of them is the TouchFire flexible iPad keyboard. I thought it was kind of neat and since I own an iPad2 and an Apple KB, it appealed to me personally.

Another project involves some local folks in my area, so again, I had a personal interest. A side note is that a brief talk with the project director led to me getting directly involved. I'm jazzed, they're pleased, and it was unlikely to have happened without the Kickstarter catalyst.

So from my POV, this is a great idea!

Comment Well, I'll be a Monk-ee (Score 1) 594

Actually, I am...Level 18. Took 43 minutes to login, has run pretty well since then for my party of 4. We all did D1 & 2 together, so this is old and new with better graphics.

Won't comment on DRM, etc. Buy or not buy, choose you must.

For me, it's fun with friends playing a game.

Comment Re:4K on the way (Score 1) 324

Yes, 4K television is under development. ("4K" is roughly equivalent to 4 times the resolution of 1080p, for those not familiar with the term.) I would not recommend waiting for 4K for several reasons. First, people are fine with watching DVDs (which are standard definition) on their HDTVs right now, and don't even bother getting the Blu-ray version of a movie (which is high definition). They tend to sit too far from the screen for its size, which means that they can't see the added detail anyway. They're not going to sit twice as close (or get a set twice as large) in order to get the extra detail that 4K offers. And we're probably at least 10 years away -- if that -- from having a distribution system (broadcast and physical media) that can get the image to your set in the first place. So I'm not going to postpone my purchase just for 4K technology.

Alfred Poor

HDTV Almanac


Regarding passive versus active shutter 3D glasses, can you comment on screen brightness and supplied resolution?

I've read that passive is "bad" because the viewer is getting "half" of the 1080P due to the alternate polarization whereas active shutter setups are "good" because both eyes "see" 1080P.

In addition, one of the overall complaints of 2D versus 3D is the reduction in brightness for 3D movies. (Ebert carps on this all the time in his reviews and rarely recommends seeing a film in 3D) Is this really an issue with 3D televisions where I have control of brightness and contrast and 3D settings (depth, etc.)???


(currently debating 2012 models of Samsung and Panasonic 65 inch 3D plasma sets for purchase soon, btw)

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