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Comment Re:given its failure out of the gate. (Score 1) 243

That is nothing compared to the money it took to design and fab the chips, and most of that money was fronted by HP, .
Given the production costs and the number of customers using it, so it was always a high cost chip with mediocre performance.
Intel would rather shut down thoughs fabs and make more x86 ships which make them more money.

Comment Been using it awhile... (Score 1) 146

I installed the RC3 version a few weeks ago and been pleased with it. I have a stand alone MythTV backend and 2 frontends, so now I don't have to use Mythfrontend any more since LiveTV did not work unless it was a combo backend/frontend. I like how you can see what will be recorded next on the home screen, and I can make changes to the recording scedule which I cold not do in the Mythbox add-on.

But it is not perfect. Commercial skip does not work for MythTV recordings, and the system is very slow to get working when it first starts as it queries the MythTV backend which takes a few minutes for you can watch anything.

Comment Perhaps it is time for IPO change? (Score 1) 418

When Google had it's IPO it used an auction system that made the pricing more fair, but did not make the underwriters as much money.

If you are too lazy to RTFA:
"If the first guy bid $100 per share for the eight shares, and the second guy bid $75 per share for the 12 shares, they only pay what the last guy bid--say, $50 per share."
"Naturally, there is great competition to be one of the lucky few buying shares at the low price. In an ordinary IPO, the investment bank decides who gets to buy these discounted shares, funneling them to its best clients, usually rich individuals or large institutions (pension funds, endowments, etc...). This is a good deal for the prized clients, who make easy money, and for the investment bank, which gets to impress clients. But it's a bad deal for the firm holding the IPO because they could have reaped that capital."

Comment Re:Online schools are a scam (Score 1) 428

Even an Associates degree will not prevent a traditional school from forcing more classes down your throat. They did not regocnize the World History class I took as part of my AA and I had to take Western History which turned out to be the same class but without the sections on India and China. Kind of ironic that a university was so euro-centric and a community collage was more global.

It's all about accreditation, so it does not matter what school you go to as long as it is accredited.

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