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Comment Re:Cool... (Score 1) 263

I'm not working for any of the parties, but I sure would like to :-)

Trimming a traction kite takes significant power i.e. arm strength for a smallish kite. The motors will not be RC servo sized.

Work out the internal resistance for a thin light wire running 1Km. Doubt it is feasible to send power or information along such a line.

This letting in and out is where I really have issues. Time spent reeling the kite in will kill over all efficiency.

A simple single line foil kite provides the KISS method to do this but you need to turn constant pull into power. The best I could think of was Pizo-electric.

Comment Re:How many (Score 1) 263

I think you'll find the kite lines are different material for power/traction kites and toy/single line kites. I'm pretty sure it's cut by friction not broken by load.

600lbs, I doubt the line alone will weigh 600lbs for a kite at 30,000ft. I'm thinking kevlar/spectra lines at least an inch in diameter. The ship kites look like they have a 3" diameter line!

Then add in wind load and kite pull! The weight of the lines becomes a big concern in this endeavor.

Comment Re:Cool... (Score 1) 263

I've seen some TED videos about this.

Two questions :-

Control line drag, 30,000ft induces a lot of delay etc. Where is the computer and control equipment? On the ground will not the control delay crash the kite. Aloft, how do we get enough power up to the motors controlling the kite.

Conversion to electricity. I see no way to efficiently generate power from a kite. If I have constant pull on the line how do I transfer that to rotation without letting out line?

Comment Re:Teach concepts not implementations! (Score 1) 214

Syntax is not a concept it's an implementation.

The reason for a simple syntax is to reduce spending time teaching things that are not important. Syntax is not important in learning to program!

Concepts are such things as Turing, Shannon, Von Neuman, Imperitive, OO, functional, relational, algorithims etc. Things that do not change from one implementation to the next.

Implementation is stuff that changes from language to language, OS to OS etc.

Comment Re:Hmm.. (Score 1) 1246

The only thing I would like to see is all exams open to all people at all ages. This would probably mean some sort of exam week and maybe some sort of central control.

Anybody can work if they have passed the requisite exams otherwise you wait until 14 before you can earn your salt.

I think the issue is not that people are un-educated but rather they do not wish to become educated. There must be motivations in a society for people to become educated not just trained.


Comment Re:Hmm.. (Score 3, Interesting) 1246

Education is not required by law school attendance is.

The reason for school is to cage all the kids, free up more adults for the workforce and to train the next generation of worker bees. Follow orders blindly, do as everyone else does, do not question imposed authority etc is what you are taught in school. But most of all do not think for yourself, do not hold independent ideas and do not think you know better than those in charge.

As an adult with a honors degree etc and 20+ years of work experience in engineering I am 100% against mandatory schooling the damage done to the young mind is devastating and in the majority of cases irreversible.

Your post would seem to show a remarkable lack of thinking on just what School is and is for. I would suggest you read how and why mandatory schooling was introduced in the US.

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