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Comment Counselors? (Score 2) 246

"It's very sad and tragic. He could have very easily come to one of his counselors and asked for help,"

Wow, counselors would help him hack the computer system and change his grade?
I never understood trying to change your grades through that method, usually there is a separate record somewhere, and you would think someone would notice at some point. Yes, failing a test is bad, but getting caught altering it is much worse.

Comment Always ask for a Lawyer (Score 2) 291

If you are being officially questioned, there are only two things you need to say -
1. Am I under arrest?
2. I wish to speak with my lawyer.

Very simply because they think you were either involved with or the prime suspect in a crime, and -
1. The police officer is trying to solve a case/send something to the DA, and that is their first priority, the lawyers/court are there to determine what happened.
2. Even if they don't get a confession for a serious crime, they may charge you with whatever they can, to provide time to find more evidence.
3. They have no obligation to tell you the truth or provide any information they have.

The only way to get any view of what is going on is to involve a lawyer.

Comment Is it really a Better Career Opportunity? (Score 1) 263

You have to evaluate what that means for you -
1. How long will you be at the lower pay level? What is their evaluation process?
2. Do you believe in the companies product?
3. Will they require more time from you, and are you willing to put in that time, for less pay? Think about it as less time for everything else in your life.
4. Will this experience truly be better for you in X years?
5. What happens if the Company with the "Better Career Opportunity" runs into financial difficulties? I assume they are less stable, how do you handle situations without a sure footing?

Comment Logic... (Score 1) 805

I understand to motive is self-righteous vigilantism and not logic, but lets give it a go. Person A is annoying by talking on their phone. Person B does not like it, so therefore they decide that all people within X radius of them are screwed if they happen to be using a wireless or Wi-Fi device. Perhaps I would rather ignore Person A and use my wireless/Wi-Fi device for something important, but hey Person B could care less. So, Person A is wrapped up in their issue and could care less about how it affects other people, Person B is wrapped up in their issue and could care less about how it affects other people. How is Person B any different from Person A (sans the loud mouth)?

Comment Obviously not in US (Score 2, Insightful) 319

Sony should pay up 100 euros to a console owner

In the US they would either pay the federal entity directly, or be required to provide a $10 voucher to but another Sony product. If it was a class action suit, the customers would get no more than $2 a piece, because the lawyers had to get paid. That's the US for you though, suing culture, but only the lawyers get paid.

Comment Inflamatory Headline, Incomplete Information (Score 2) 537

So, the daily average of releases of iodine-131 and cesium-137 are, according to certain measurements, comparable to Chernobyl. They base this on a 10 day total from Chernobyl. Basic Questions:
1. What 10 days did they pull the average from for Chernobyl and what day or days are they pulling from for Fukushima?
2. What are the totals over the entirety of each disaster (or at least the current estimated total at Fukushima vs Chernobyl)?
3. What other radioactive materials were released in Chernobyl and how do they compare to Fukushima?
4. How did the evacuation and response measures compare?
5. How do the long term containment and clean up processes compare?
6. How do the human exposure variables compare?

In the end though, even evaluating these two data points, they fail to indicate the overall meaning and affect of these values (ie: How does this apply to human health?).

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