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Comment iGEM teams (Score 2, Interesting) 164

Woah iGEM seems to be getting a lot of attention! This is good I think, synthetic biology is an important new field of engineering and science. In many ways I feel like the "old" AI days, the whole philosophy of "if you want to understand it, you'll have to build it" is very similar. Personally I was part of the University of Groningen team ( which aimed to create a hydrophobic (water repelling) biofilm coating, it could've had lots of applications if it worked but like most iGEM teams it wasn't all that successful. One of my primary objections to this project while watching the presentation is that you'll still have to sequence the genome ... a costly and time consuming activity, also the compression was a good thought but large sequences of nucleotides will inevitably start coding for RNA which could lead to a whole range of interference, unwanted proteins being the obvious one. Moreover you'll have entire colonies (millions of cells) with the same data, and little to no control between the individual differences. While I do believe in the future of organic systems as a means for data processing and storage I don't believe that treating them as digital circuits is the right way to go.
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What Do You Do With a Personal Domain? 286

bmerr71 writes "I bought my own domain name to use as a self-promotion tool. I use a subdomain, '', which I selectively put on my email signatures to link to my linkedin profile. I also loaded up Google Apps to use for email. But when you go directly to my domain name, there is nothing there. I didn't want GoDaddy getting ad revenue off my name (and it doesn't look very professional), so I killed the ad page, but it seems like I should be able to put something up on my main page. But, I am not interesting in blogging, I do not want too much personal information up there, and I do not want to spend a lot of money (none, if possible). Are there any free apps that I can load up on my domain to fill the blank space? What do non-bloggers do with their personal domains?"

Comment World Wide Web (Score 1) 498

In both the physical and conceptual sense it's a mesh(/web). Physically it interconnects computers via wires in a web. Conceptually it connects ideas and information by use of hyperlinks(links for short) in a mesh. Both the conceptual and physical network are open, everyone can post ideas and links to ideas furthermore everyone can add computers to the web. It is interesting to note that the conceptual and physical internet are two separate things. There is no law binding the ideas in the internet (stored in, for example, html documents) to specific computers in the mesh. Nor is there a law stating that specific machines in the web should contain specific information. In a way the conceptual internet is distributed over the physical network the same way the pictures in a photo album are independent from the album itself.

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