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Comment Poly Annual (Score 1) 219

I dig a lunar new year, something that tramples around and keeps you on your toes. I try to observe as many New Years as I can, within the traditional calendar year. Lets not forget new School Year, and July and October bring us popular Fiscal New Years!

Comment Visibility for job security (Score 1) 837

As the original post put it, this is an attempt to Brand the help desk staff. I suspect the IT management is looking to build _internal_ market share and have more leverage to protect their assets during the next round of cuts. Unfortunately, it's more likely they're a bunch of self-aggrandising dunderheads, sigh.

Comment Re:Expose a problem and go to jail (Score 1) 847

Oh piffle Jane, you're inferring incorrectly. It has nothing to do with the odiousness of her political beliefs, what ever they are now. No, I'm guilty of presuming that there may be weapons, drugs, or other complexities on the basis of her past white supremacist association. Bad cases make bad law, and this will probably be a bad case. Gather more data and assume less, buddy.

Comment Re:Expose a problem and go to jail (Score 2, Insightful) 847

Read the blog, do a little research. It's an obsessive anti-drug enforcement project by a disgraced white supremacist. How does one become a disgraced white supremacist? Turn in your rising-star white supremacist hubby to the feds for child pornography, and then cooperate with the investigation and trial. The point is, there's a heck of a lot going on here. This is NOT a good civilian oversight case.

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