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Comment Re:Where am I being shafted? (Score 1) 42

This is true. We use a 19" laptop in our living room to watch netflix and stuff on instead of having a real tv. When we are done with it we close the lid and it lives in our coffee table. We have dedicated gaming machines and a xbox on the downstairs TV and I have a desktop in my den but for my wife and the kids they like being able to put the computer away when not in use.

Comment Don't use a sealed device (Score 1) 361

To many are also using devices that are completely sealed so if the battery does "let go" the pressure exits the easiest way. This is out the atomizer connection as it is usually only pressure fitted. One final thing about they guy who put the battery in his pocket and burned his leg. Well don't put a high energy battery in a pocket with loose metal. It shorted out and dumped all of it's energy in a split second causing his pants to catch.

Comment Why? (Score 4, Interesting) 532

Why do we continue to put up with this from our Governments? There are a great many of us that see the harm that these types of laws cause our freedoms, but the unwashed masses don't. How do you wake these people up that their security does not have to come at the cost of freedom. They still think they are free and I'm sure the Germans thought they where free during WW2 just as long as you didn't disagree or say anything against the Government. They also call people who can and do voice their concerns on this slow decent to fascism, alarmists or anarchists. Most of those that I work with just don't care about these types of laws. All they care about is whats on TV tonight and make sure they can download their music and TV. After that they just don't care. It's just to much work to have to think. Maybe this is why my blood pressure is to high. I should stop caring also.

Comment Black Friday until mid June (Score 1) 140

I live in a smaller community of about 6000 people. We have a Wal-Mart here and it of course gets lots of our money. But when it comes to Black Friday sales, the products they bring in seem to last until mid June. Last year they had three pallets of these 32" RCA TV's for only $125.00. It was a good deal if you could live with 720p and only 1 HDMI, 1 Composite and 1 PC connection. It also had a tuner but we don't get any OTA this far from the city. It took until June before there was only one pallet left and I think they finally put it in the back. We'll probably see that same TV out this year. People around here don't seem to fall for that whole black Friday thing. It's just another day in the middle of now where.

Comment Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 588

Same thing with ham radio antennas and towers. If you just put up a tower and don't run any coax and don't hang any antennas, you will still get tons of your neighbours complaining about TV interference.

I know there is evidence that this really isn't a problem and that it's all in their head but... Is it possible that some are harmed by RF? I want to keep an open mind about this but I also want to see some evidence that it is harmful to them.

Comment Re:Is my time free too? (Score 1) 654

This is why I bought a car. I was spending 3 hours a day on public transit. When I started driving I was down to 45 minutes total. That and I didn't have to put up with the crush of people on transit and I never have to worry about being able to sit down for a bit after a long work day. And to top it all off, I don't have to put up with the smell any more. Damn train smelled like a cattle car.

Now days I live 200 meters from my office front door. Can't beat that commute!

Comment Re:Once again (Score 1) 141

Very true. I do some PSK31 usually between 5 and 15 watts. Should get on the air more often but like you said, I have a crap antenna. No seriously. Since I moved I haven't been been able to get a decent antenna in the air. Stuck with a crappy OCF dipole at 20 feet. I think the spaghetti I had last night would work better.

Comment Re:Once again (Score 2) 141

It's not the powerline networking in Napal that is a problem. It's the powerline networking here that is. It's over loads the receivers front end and makes it near impossible to receive the signal from Napal. That is why powerline networking is bad. The typical transmitter in an HF rig is 100 watts. Put that 100 watts in to a good yagi antenna and you can send a signal any where in the world. Even with powerline networking your signal will get out. By the time that signal gets to it's destination it is only a few micro volts in strength. So if the powerline is putting out a few more micro volts then the signal your trying to receive your receiver will never here the weaker signal.

While I am a ham radio operator, it's been a while so what I'm remembering might be a bit off.

Comment Re:Their software cost an arm and both legs yet... (Score 3, Interesting) 35

I work for a Government Agency that uses ArcGIS for that last 10 or so years. Personally I'm a Linux user and try to use and contribute to open source projects (although lately I haven't been able to). I also use QGIS but find it's not always what I want when it comes to the cartography part of GIS. The maps it produces never seem to be as nice as ArcGIS. Sorry got a little off topic here. What I'm saying is that even though I like and use open source, my bosses don't give a rats ass about it. If you even mention no licensing fees then they think its an inferior product. They have drank the kool-aid, so we pay tens of thousands for licensing of all kinds of products that have the same or better open source alternatives.

I believe this is also how many other agency view things. They don't care about open source. They just want someone to SELL them what they need.

Comment Re:So few experts... (Score 1) 220

I put intermediate because of this reason. I've been programming for close to 20 years but most of that in VB of some sort. Seems the couple of shops I worked in didnt' want C or C++ code and I just never found the time to do much in Linux. Hence I can probably get around in most languages (mostly due to experience) I'm no expert in any of them. Besides I still do a lot of look ups on the net to find out how to do things and get procedures. No point in coding it when someone else has already done so. Biggest thing is being able to understand it and modify it if needed.

Comment Re:Microsoft losing to the school what? (Score 5, Interesting) 219

Here here. I'm not a fan of either MS or Apple but I'm even less of a fan computers in the classroom. Computers do have their place for research and writing papers but I just don't think they need to be used every day in the classroom.

Now I may be an old fuddy-duddy, but I still haven't seen conclusive evidence that they make learning any easier or better.

But that's only my 2 cents.

Comment Re:How big a fuss is it, really? (Score 1) 415

How about this. I don't care what time it is. My wife wakes me up in the morning and tells me to go to work. When they turn off the lights it's time to go home. I go to bed when I'm tired. Why would any one need a watch or even a clock. Hell I don't watch live TV any more as it's all recorded or of the internet so I watch when I want to.

Comment RF Noise (Score 1) 278

I don't have a problem really with CFL or LED light or their longevity. What gets me is the amount of RF noise they can create. Using my hand held 2m radio and a yagi I can pin point problem areas easily. Once you get to HF frequencies it get really bad. If everyone on the block has all of their lights on you can pretty much kiss doing any dx'ing goodbye.

What every happened to the FCC/IC rule enforcement that says you cannot create harmful interference? Granted less and less people are SWL but there are a lot of ham radio people out there.

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