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Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 381

In fact, if they asked, I'd wear a wire and narrate my daily activities for them minute-by-minute. I'd relish the prospect of some poor sap having to figure out how to summarize it for his superiors without sounding like a smart alec and also being boring at the same time.

It begins to annoy when you have to pay for the wire and write the paycheck for the poor sap and his boss, not to mention their office rent and... you get my point?

Comment Re:Figures provided by analysts, not the companies (Score 1) 151

iPhones are activated by Apple. They know exactly how many are activated as soon as it happens. They even know how many owners the average iPhone has over its lifetime and how many iPhones the average owner has over time. HTC and Samsung have nothing like that.

How Apple knows who owns the SIM card inserted to the phone? Or is the iPhone so tangled with iTunes (and does that need an account? And does the account need some credit card information?) that they get the information from there?

Comment Re:Them swedes. (Score 1) 420

People still want films that haven't been made yet. So, in a world where you can't get people to pay for something after it's been made, pay will occur, mostly, before, rather than after production - which is how it used to be with music and theater.

Then why o why there are remakes coming from the left and right?

Comment Re:Them swedes. (Score 1) 420

How long I have to wait to see the movie, not ads, not FBI warnings and other unskippable content, playable on my computer and streaming with option to save it locally in case of network problem etc. ?

Also I'd like to have all the content at available at same place, no shopping around thank you.

There is even free, though it might be illegal in some places, example available, can't the content distributors copy that?

Comment Re:Useful info (Score 1) 371

So customer-retention is unimportant to you. Because you know, those who've been on Facebook for a while tend to turn it off completely.

Facebook is like Myspace, a proprietary and intrusive fad.

What I have heard and read, is that MyFace and other so called social media is not a fad, but crack, and the users that go away, tend to come back.

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