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Comment Generic PSU + Good UPS = Good PS (Score 1) 223

As it turns out, any money you save on a generic PSU purchase will likely cost you more in the long run.

The money I saved buying a generic PSU, I spent buying a midrange UPS. Come on, any benefit that expensive PSU is supposed to bring you will likely be negated by bad power from the wall. Think of the PSU as a bullet-proof vest, and the UPS as an armored car. I would feel more secure inside an armored car without a bullet-proof vest, than wearing a bullet-proof vest outside an armored car.

Comment Package security? (Score 2, Interesting) 235

For a distro that prides itself on proactive security, OpenBSD seems to lack one security feature most mainline Linux distributions have: some form of package signing. I know package signing doesn't make a system 100% percent secure from Trojan'ed applications. I'm not a security expert, but I think having signed packages helps reduce the possibility of man-in-the-middle attacks, say, from malicious DNS redirection that points the user to a bogus mirror even if the "real" mirror (which presumably is running a secure BSD system) isn't compromised. It seems to me the most secure OpenBSD system is one without anything besides the base system installed, good enough for a server, but unfortunately not for everyday Desktop use in Facebook era.

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