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Comment Re:What Else To Use? (Score 3, Interesting) 212

VLC actually "plays" QuickTime (well, mostly MP4 these days?) files just fine.

The problem is creating the file. I work in a video game industry, and for things like trailers, sometimes clients/partners requires use of certain settings which assumes QuickTime is in use. I have tried some alternative software to do this task, but I have often observed them often creates non-satisfactory result, especially when it deals with non-PC consoles.

Having said that recently, software like blender, start to be able to produce fairly consistent/reliable results, it has been very messy to generate appropriately formatted results, and I can see there still may be edge cases where lack of access to QuickTime can be an issue. (Though, I'd say, 90% of them, it no longer is a problem.)

Comment Re:Telegram (Score 4, Informative) 92

Signal looks interesting. It reminds me of the old standby app on Android, called TextSecure, which not just was a decent app for texting, but stashed the messages somewhere encrypted, as a secondary layer of protection.

Naturally, because Signal is the successor of TextSecure. They have merged functionalities of TextSecure and RedPhone into one, and that's Signal, to make it consistent with their iOS offering.

Comment Re:Coursera, Andrew Ng (Score 1) 123

After looking at TensorFlow, I realized I'm not very prepared to use it, so I started taking Ander Ng's course and I'm in my 5th week now, and I feel like I'm getting a lot of it. I like the way he seems to have created this course to be fairly self-contained. Fors instance, although calculus shows frequently in the course, he is fairly open that he doesn't consider it to be a prerequisite and derived version of the equation is usually given whenever it comes up. Linear algebra is certainly required in the course, but the course provides nice refresher, and I actually learned it more firmly than I've gone through it previously in the past. (Maybe I'm more motivated than last time I went through it, though...)

Comment Not expecting much... (Score 1) 201

Considering how bad those telephone auto attendant gets me, even with presumably a limited set of word selections to recognize, this simply seems to be very difficult problem to solve for Microsoft or anyone. (I do have a bit of Japanese accent myself.)

The funny thing is, when I actually spoke the phrase "show me my most at-risk opportunities" into Google, it actually got me right second time. (I don't have Windows 10, let alone in English locale, so I can't test it with Cortana.) Albeit, I had to speak very slowly. Maybe Satya had to do the same.

Comment Re:SSL certs for .onion is oxymoron (Score 1) 37

That makes SSL for .onion useless. SSL is for authenticating the operator's identity of the website. Why would a website simultaneously choose to be identified and not identified at the same time? That's oxymoron.

Well, technically, they do not really need to verify the ownership of .onion address as only person who can run a service on that particular .onion address would be someone who has corresponding private key. So CA can blindly generate certificate for that .onion address, just to ensure that contents offered from that particular site is not modified in transit. (It indeed has very limited use cases, considering Tor already encrypts and is relatively harder to play MITM over the hidden service.) Perhaps SSL on .onion is more appealing to people like Facebook, who already have a presence on clearweb, but choose to offer hidden service version of the service.

Comment Re:Not an exit node (Score 1) 95

FWIW, I think libraries *should* host exit nodes. A very appropriate place for them as they have a long tradition of upholding privacy, including against government incursions. But it is also easier to get an exit node taken down through association with criminal acts. Though the people in TFA have it right: a city doesn't shut down roads simply because some people choose to drive drunk. Or the fact that they are used as escape routes by bank robbers. Or facilitate interstate crime by transporting stolen goods.

And does it even make any difference whether they run Tor exit relay or not to begin with, while library patrons using public wi-fi there can be as bad as Tor users in this respect? Libraries I've been so far didn't have any sort of captive portal, let alone authentication that limits access to library users. I don't know if that's the case with this particular library, though.

Comment Re: Question for user community (Score 1) 236

I guess every situation is different, but how much of that can he get away by just sending a PDF copy to his customers?
I actually try to do that as much as I can, even for internal use. Worst nightmare is that every person who receive it gives me back an amended copy, ending up babysitting 5 versions of same document. (I'd rather get comments out of band and make an adjustment myself.)

Comment Re:Move to a gated community (Score 1) 611

I think the spirit of that "Except local traffic" is pretty much for discouraging commercial vehicles (trucks, etc.) from using a corridor of a road for thru-traffic.

This wouldn't work in a typical passenger vehicle case as you have described, but if enough people in the neighborhood are seeing/reporting a number of trucks routinely without making delivery to the area, that would be a different story...

Comment Re:Point is you would not STOP paying (Score 1) 631

As far as I know, Costco does accept credit cards (actually they don't accept anything else, including cash) at least for my local one.

You will have to validate yourself for the member, which you can use their membership card or Costco AMEX.
If you choose to validate yourself with AMEX, it should give you option whether you want use Costco AMEX or something else.

Comment Re:Every OS sucks (Score 1) 293

That''s somewhat the conclusion I've reached after I've been hopping between different OS. (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

So I myself find that Linux is least painful for me, at least for the fact that it doesn't try to hide the details from me. While mileage may vary with the nature of the issue, but it at least it's relativy simple for me to <b>try</b> to address and fix the problem before resorting to complete fresh of the machine.

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