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Comment Cosmic Radiation att 33km! (Score 1) 221

How come noone seems to address the issue of the very high cosmic radiation exposure at such a high flight alitude? Sure, because of the shortened travel time, the effect would be somehow mitigated, but would it be enough to complete compensate? Seems to me passengers will have to wear space suits :p

Comment Re:Only very best survive, and they like it that w (Score 1) 283

" - The quality of research in general would go down dramatically, as some of the best and brightest possible scientists (i.e., the few who make it, now) would choose other fields." A lot of the best and brightest have been ditching STEM research for decades and becoming quantitative analysts for Wall Street, the City of London etc etc. So this would be nothing new :)

Comment Engineering University Towns (Score 1) 315

Similar phenomena occur in smaller cities (like Troy, NY) that host big engineering universities and companies and at the same time are not geographically close to bigger/more balanced cities. I've lived in such a city in Germany for several years (200.000 people and two HUGE engineering universities). The problem is less than in ages 20-35 men significantly outnumber women, but rather that virtually all men come from a similar background, have above average intelligence, are well educated, good in math and analytical thinking etc. The result is -especially if we are talking about a 'top tier' university- that a single guy's competition in such a place are freaken bodybuilders with PhDs in electrical engineering who also play 2 musical instruments. And these guys are everywhere. So you can only imagine what kind of entitlement women in such places develop...

Comment Re:Brain Change (Score 0) 545

This is true. And yet, suddenly, sometime in the 1960s, the male Proto-'brogrammers' of the era realized that there was a LOT of money to be made in computerizing the world and the last thing they needed was competition from women. Give high paying, 'real' jobs to women? Impossibru! So women started to get systematically sabotaged[1] when they looked for programmer jobs. This created a vicious cycle: Fewer women -> More ogling/harassment/adulation from male 'geeks'->Even fewer women etc etc. So you can thank those Don-Draper types of the 60s for their major contribution to today's sausage fest that is IT/Software development. [1]

Comment Re:Who has the most to gain by competing? (Score 1) 159

Ditto that! This applies IMHO to other 'areas of endeavour' where former soviet countries have an unusually strong presence. For modelling. It's not like that russian/ukrainian/whatnot women have some kind of ..."hotness gene" -although their phenotype does often help when it comes to modelling e.g in terms of height- but due to the flaky financial situation, a good looking girl in these countries if a *lot* more motivated to try a lucrative international carreer as a model compared to an equally attractive girl from a rich 'western' country. Just my 0.02 €

Comment MS already resorting to TV commercials for IE! (Score 1) 212

I was taken aback yesterday to switch on my TV to a major German broadcaster (ProSieben) and stumble upon a commercial for 'Internet Explorer, the most fun and secure way to access the internet" seems that microsoft has realized that in certain markets (especially in Europe), it just cannot rely on IE being preinstalled... That's (one of the) commercials in question:

Submission + - Russia funds research in 'zombifying' weapons ( 2

Unsichtbarer_Mensch writes: Mind-bending ‘psychotronic’ guns that can effectively turn people into zombies have been given the go-ahead by Russian president Vladimir Putin.
The futuristic weapons – which will attack the central nervous system of their victims – are being developed by the country’s scientists.

Comment Re:Work is NOT a dating agency!!! (Score 1) 375

... you're no longer in the college atmosphere surrounded by single girls but instead ...

Easy there tiger...please remember that most engineering universities are extremely male-dominated, campus-wide. The problem becomes even worse if the institution is the only university in a small to medium sized city and has attracted a truckload of tech companies around it as well. So essentially from the moment you enter such a place you are pretty much toast unless you invest inordinate amounts of energy into competing with the other guys over the few single girls on the campus or unless you have been blessed with an extensive social network in a different city or in a different university than your own - with all the logistical problems this might entail. And no , 'dance classes' and other activities that 'attract women' in a place with skewed demographics don't help. Heck in my university you can't sign up at a dance class unless you bring your own (female) partner due to the catastrophic oversupply of guys.

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