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Comment One option: (Score 1) 294

Producers and publishers could produce and sell two-tier CDs:

One CD with compression though not as vile as today. It's ok for poor soundsystems and noisy enviroments. Car, iPod, work(?) etc.

Two: A well-mastered record. Preferably a DVD or Blu-ray with higher sample depth (24 bit) and frequency.

And in addition they can give the radio-stations a super-compressed version.

This requires more work of the Audio Demeneers, though.

Comment Icing on the cake! (Score 1) 550

Good: CD quality 44kHz / 16-bit sans lossy data compression.

Slightly better: 24 bit in 96kHz or 192kHz.

Requirement: A recording sans post-performance bullshit like volume dynamic compression, supersampling, multi-recording, reverb, auto-tune, filters, mixing or whatever the stuido cheats are called.

Musician ==> microphone ==> recording.

Note: I deliberately oversimplified this.
I do understand that heavy processed music may be needed in noisy enviroments, but I want none of it on my high fidelity sound system.

Comment Question... (Score 1) 470

How much of a philantropist is B.G. any way?
I mean; isn't the anti-malaria project just another business?

I know little about this (thus I'm likely wrong), but don't they demand reciving countries to accept some crazy silly copyright agreements?
Which of course is getting B.G.Foundation or whatever it's called quite a bit of money from 'someone' ( *IAA I assume?)

Or I do recall reading some such. Please correct & enlighten me.

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