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Comment Re:eee ssd (Score 1) 467

I lost my (musical)life's work the way you said, optical media not working. I burned the most significant work I ever did as multitrack master files zipped onto dvd. Being "smart" and "cautious". Then I had a lightning strike.

No prob, right? Wrong. Nothing will open the .zip file. No DVD +/- R/RW, no zip recovery tools, nothing. All gone. To make matters much, much worse, the sound card I was using had some quirky excess presence, which deceived me into mixing everything way too bassy, like "who put a pillow over the speakers" bassy mud if you play it on anything other than the card I was mixing with. Just putting some EQ on the finished mixes doesn't work right, the bass guitar is just too damn loud, and the cymbals way too quiet, among other problems. I need to get at the masters and remix it. So, even though I have finished mixes for most of my better music, I can't fix them. Years of work lost.

And I ALWAYS verify after burning. Anymore, USB flash and/or redundant networked backup seems like the only way to be safe.

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