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Comment Re:Come on... (Score 1) 223

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at just how true that it ... :-/

I'm reminded of a phrase from Murphy's Computer Laws:

If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs,
then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.

Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

> I don't know why people continue to buy their stuff.

You get the popular Windows Apps along with the power of Unix under the hood.

i.e. Unix + Photoshop.

e.g. MS Office on OSX gives me _both_ the ribbon bar AND menu bar. Best of both worlds because _I_ get to decide which one works for me.

Submission + - How the Web Became Unreadable (backchannel.com)

mirandakatz writes: If you've found yourself squinting at your computer and wondering if your eyesight is starting to go, fear not: you're probably just suffering from a design trend. As computer screens have achieved higher resolution, web design has trended toward paler, lighter-weight type that often doesn't meet accessibility requirements. At Backchannel, web developer Kevin Marks breaks down the history of this trend, and offers an impassioned plea for designers to go back to the typographic principles of print: keeping type black, and varying weight and font instead of grayness.

Comment *cough* bullshit (Score 0) 284

Unless you mean zero innovation in the last 10 years, forced upgrades, spying on users, shitty gaudy mobile antiskeuomorphic UI on a desktop, buying LinkedIn for $26 billion, Skype for $8 Billion, Mojang for $2 Billion, letting Android beat the pants off you in 5 years shipping on 2 billion device when you had WinCE 12 years ago, and you mean open as in open for laughing at your idiotic decisions, then sure.

But keep dreaming your still relevant MS, because you are slowly fading away, and no one really cares anymore.

Submission + - Linux Foundation To Promote JavaScript Development With JS Foundation

Mickeycaskill writes: The JavaScript Foundation (JS Foundation) has been taken under the wings of the Linux Foundation, which will now support the development and sustainability of JavaScript, which is becoming increasingly important in the emerging fields of IoT, VR and cloud.

It is hoped the union will help assist the development and quality of JavaScript application and server-side projects and allow the community to develop best practices, promote high standards and collaborate with one another.

The JS Foundation has a new governance structure, membership programme and as an open source project, it will accept contributions from anyone at any time. Samsung and IBM are among the big name backers

“The JS Foundation aims to support a vast array of technologies that complement projects throughout the entire JavaScript ecosystem,” said Kris Borchers, executive director, JS Foundation. “JavaScript is a pervasive technology, blurring the boundaries between server, client, cloud and IoT. We welcome any projects, organizations or developers looking to help bolster the JavaScript community and inspire the next wave of growth for application development.”

Submission + - Canonical gives Ubuntu Linux 17.04 the name 'Zesty Zapus' (jumping mouse) (betanews.com)

BrianFagioli writes: One of the most well-known Linux distributions to use funny names is Ubuntu. It famously uses the convention of an adjective and a lesser-known animal, each starting with the same letter. The letter is chosen sequentially by alphabet. For example, Ubuntu 16.10 uses the letter "Y" — "Yakkety Yak". The next version of the operating system will use the letter "Z". While many folks hoped for "Zebra", that would be too obvious. Instead, Canonical has chosen "Zesty Zapus". Don't know what a zapus is? Neither did I. It is apparently a type of jumping mouse. The selection was not made at random, however, as the company has an explanation for the decision.

Comment Re: You gotta fight for your right to (Score 1) 210

> You do understand that Netflix isn't cutting off its legitimate customers right ?


When I go to visit my parent's in Canada I can't watch my Netflix due to bullshit geo-ip licensing blocking half of the shows.

I'm paying for the dam service-- WHY does it matter WHERE I stream it from ???

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