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Submission + - Mozilla will deprecate XUL add-ons before the end of 2017 2

Artem Tashkinov writes: Mozilla has published a plan of add-ons deprecation in future Firefox releases. Firefox 53 will run in multi process mode by default for all users with some exceptions. Most add ons will continue to function, however certain add ons have already ceased to function because they don't expect multi user mode under the hood. Firefox 54-56 will introduce even more changes which will ultimately break even more addons. Firefox 57, which will be preliminarily released on the 28th of Novermber, 2017, will only run WebExtensions: which means no XUL (overlay) add ons, no bootstrapped extensions, no SDK extensions and no Embedded WebExtensions. In other words by this date the chromification of Firefox will have been completed. If you depend on XUL add ons your only choice past this date will be Pale Moon.

Comment Re:Meh... Kids these days... (Score 1) 489

Netflix has an interesting video that has a blurb about small homes.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

The movie is more then just eliminating clutter

Minimalists don't focus on having less, less, less; rather, we focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more experiences, more growth, more contribution, more contentment. More freedom. Clearing the clutter from life's path helps us make that room.

Comment Re:Translation... (Score 1) 78

Because it has a HUGE Risk for very little Reward. Silicon is literally dirt cheap.

99% of people don't know or care that Silicon CPU's do everything they need. They will never be able to justify the cost of a CPU that is 10x or 100x then what they currently pay. The current tech is "good enough" for 99% of people -- that's where the bread and butter is.

This creates a chicken-and-egg scenario. None wants to risk investing billions into alt. tech when the status quo is much more profitable. i.e. Who is going to change first? Intel? AMD? The _other_ guy won't so why take that risk? With Intel abandoning Tick-Tock for for Process-Architecture-Optimization there is even less motivation.

I don't see any "disruptive technology" happening anytime soon -- due to the HUGE $$$ barriers of entry. i.e. AMD has been fabless for years. Intel isn't interested in Knight's Landing, er, Xeon Phi in shipping to consumers. ARM is in't going to invest into Hybrid-Silicon or non-Silicon CPUs. Who's left? nVidia? There has been rumors of them making their own CPU's and Mobo's for years but that hasn't happened.

Instead of going deep, everyone is going wide but it is significantly cheaper to scale.

The industry is stagnating. :-/

Comment Re:Translation... (Score 1) 78

Fantastic summary!

The elephant in the room is that Silicon doesn't scale past 5 GHz. Everyone knows about it but no one in the commercial sector is interested in doing anything about it. :-(

Hell, even back in 2007 SiGe was proposed to get up past 50 GHz.

What's really freaky is that a close friend of mine was playing with 1+ GHz CPUs in the (late) 70's. I guess we'll never have those 100 GHz Gallium Arsenide CPU's anytime soon ... :-/

Comment Re:Please explain the point of SCRUM/Kanban... (Score 1) 228

> and the 3-4 hour physical "stand up" meetings daily

Holy shit! No wonder you bitch about SCRUMM. You're doing it wrong.

Standup meetings shoot take between 5 and 10 minutes; 15 minutes MAX. It is supposed to be a "macro" view -- not a deep dive into the micro-issues. Anything else should be taken "offline."

Slashtard, Redditard, noun, an imbecile who down-votes everything they disagree. When you stop being challenged, you stop learning.

Submission + - Civ VI For Linux is here!!

Suchetha writes: On February 6th, 2017 Aspyr Media tweeted that Civilization VI will soon be available for Linux.

As of today (9th February, 2017) the long awaited Linux release of the game is available on Steam

Submission + - RSA: Ban On Booth Babes Has Been No Big Deal (

netbuzz writes: In March 2015, RSA Conference organizers made news by contractually insisting that vendors pitch their security wares without the help of “booth babes,” a first such ban for the technology industry. Next week’s event will be third under the new rules. With the use of "booth babes" long a source of contention – and some would say embarrassment – implementation of the ban has gone smoothly, according to RSA. “Overall I would say this has been received well by our exhibitors. Several have thanked us for having a policy.”

Comment Re:Am I supposed to hate this or not? (Score 1) 291

That's because you are letting the rules of nature determine the outcome. People have been cross breeding for thousands of years and we know what to expect.

GMO = Man fucking about with genes that may or may not produce something good or bad due to a complete lack of long term studies (i.e. 50+ years).

Comment Complete waste of money for the public (Score 1) 32

As a game developer I've been to E3. Complete waste of time for John Q Public aside from ePenis bragging rights.

The whole event is designed to be a glorified advertising event -- it was never intended for the public.

Save your money and spend it on buying the game(s) you are interested instead, AFTER reading Steam or Meta-critic reviews.

Comment Re:Headline doesn't really match actual news (Score 1) 170

> which is why the onus is on the side claiming existence.

Uhm, Hello, McFly. You are the one making this claim:

For one, Vulkan and its competitors aren't designed for use with untrusted code,

1. Where, specifically are the security issues with untrusted code using Vulkan or WebGL ???
2. How is Apple's Metal any better?

Comment Re:Um, no. (Score 1) 309

> Can you concatenate 0 and 1? 01 isn't a valid thing.

Holy shit, did you really fail Math that bad???

According to your bad logic:


are all different numbers?!?!?!

Gee, what does a base 10 placeholder digit even mean!? If we have a 2 digit number "ab" it means we can write the _equivalent_ polynomial form as:

a*10^1 + b*10^0

Where 'a', and 'b' are decimal digits from 0 ... 9. In contradistinction to a Roman Number, an Arabic number IS Concatenation of Arabic numerals BY definition.

> Can you concatenate .1 and .2?

What happens when we divide X by 0? We get undefined or a singularity. That is just mathematical terminology that means "This operation is not defined." Same thing here: .1 + .2 is undefined.

You are of course free to invent an operation

> Concatenation is not a "normal math symbol" (or "normal mathematical operation").

Hello, McFly. Positional Notation.


You really don't know what the fuck you are talking about. I'd highly recommend you go back to school and actually learn something -- because you look like an idiot.

Comment Re:Headline doesn't really match actual news (Score 2) 170

> For one, Vulkan and its competitors aren't designed for use with untrusted code,


Do you have an _actual example_ that shows this or are you just repeating dogma that everyone else does?

> neither Vulkan nor its competitors are actually cross-platform in practice today.

Um, Hello, McFly. We already have WebGL. Hell, even Microsoft supports it on Edge! Of all the graphics API available WebGL is the most cross-platform. The only exceptions that I'm aware of are consoles such as PS3/PS4 and Xbox360/Xbone.

WebGL 2.x was here in 2013. We don't need Yet-Another-Graphics-API. It is time to get rid of proprietary vendor lock-in regardless of how much "freedom" it promises.

Submission + - 20th Anniversary of MAME (emulator)

st1lett0 writes: Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the very first MAME release. Way back in 1997, Nicola Salmoria merged a few stand-alone arcade machine emulators into the first Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Over the past two decades, MAME has brought together over a thousand contributors to build a system that emulates more machines than any other program. But MAME is more than that: MAME represents the idea that our digital heritage is important and should be preserved for future generations. MAME strives to accurately represent original systems, allowing unmodified software to run as intended. Today, MAME documents over thirty thousand systems, and usably emulates over ten thousand. MAME meets the definitions of Open Source and Free Software, and works with Windows, macOS, Linux and BSD running on any CPU from x86-64 to ARM to IBM zSeries. As well as a general-purpose emulator, MAME serves as a reference for people repairing vintage electronics, a development platform for testing homebrew/unofficial software, and an educational tool.

Submission + - How The IRS Can Empty Your Bank Account Without Warning ( 2

schwit1 writes: Having just filed his 2016 taxes, a Zero Hedge reader submits the following bizarre story.

On January 20, the reader filed his Federal tax return using Tim Geithner's favorite TurboTax software, which the IRS formally accepted three days later, on January 24. One week later, on January 31, the IRS made an automatic deposit into the reader's bank account, who then used the refund to pay down his credit card debt the very next day.

This is when things turned bizarre, because as our readers writes, just two days later, without warning, on orders of the IRS his bank empties out the bank account handing over its contents to the IRS:

"the IRS emptied our bank account February 3, 2017 for erroneous refund with no notice! (please see attached letter).

The only other thing I could think of was that TurboTax did not work correctly and calculated to large of a refund but the letter from the IRS stated it was a "processing error at the Internal Revenue Service". The refund we received was the same as what TurboTax calculated. I researched the IRS manual about erroneous refunds and could not find anything referring to a "R17" code as stated in the letter.

Called them. Our return was fine. The amount of refund was fine. Not an identity theft problem. Error on their side. According to the person I spoke with they are doing this to a large block of filers. They seemed hesitant to give more info.

He then adds that "in our phone conversation they told me that the return was fine and the refund amount was correct, it was not an over refund issue but some kind of IRS internal error and they would reissue the same refund after receiving the money back. It makes absolutely no sense to me but this is what I was told."

So, as our reader summarizes, "no outstanding taxes. Never been audited. Always file on time. Not a small business, just a normal employee W2, not a structuring issue. Only typical deductions and student loan interest. Scrambling to cancel auto payments and trying to figure out how we will pay mortgage and any payment that will not accept credit card.

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