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Comment Finding Linux (Score 2) 136

In about 1995 I was looking for a multi-user, multi tasking operating system for a new "operating and communications system".. I bought a copy of Coherent, and installed it on an old PC-AT. I was able to log in "remotely" over a serial cable! This was big news! Then, in a warehouse club-type store, I found a thick book about something called "Linux". It had several CDs inside, things like "Slackware", SuSe", and "RedHat". I tried all of them, and settled on RedHat 5.2 My first anti-Wintel box was an AMD system running at 50 mhz, with 4 mb of memory, and Red Hat Linux. This was SPARCL1, where the SPOCS system was born. See http://sourceforge.net/project....

Comment You know, it's funny... (Score 4, Insightful) 194

...many years ago, we were told, "in the future, you will pay for TV". And we said "WHAT!? We get it for free, off our antenna now!" And they said, "but since you will pay for TV, there won't be any need for advertising." Many years later, I am paying for TV, PLUS, getting ads that run across the screen all the time. It it any wonder I am feeling ripped off? Oh yes... I think these were the same people who said, "we will put catalytic converters on cars. it will cost more, but they will convert the noxious fumes into harmless water and carbon dioxide." So years later, we are, indeed paying more, PLUS being clobbered by the "carbon crisis"

Comment Do ya think... (Score 1) 124

...that California might, just might, want to take advantage of all that water flowing down from the mountains to the ocean??? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015... This is the same state that keeps trying to force neighboring states to sell them electricity because the enviroheads won't let California build enough power plants to support their own state!

Comment "Have we forgotten how to function without FB?" (Score 1) 394

No, I have not. Nor shall I. Don't have it, don't want it. Don't those California employers realize you can just as easily plant all kinds of BS on FB as you can spout out in person? Do they not realize that people putting stuff on a wall might also be posting BS? What is real? Oops, forgot. We are talking about California...

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